Shigure Asa Long Hair Ver. by Kotobukiya

Let’s go back a few months, more than a few months, all the way back to August of 2009 when Shigure Asa arrived on my door step. Like last weeks review of Azaka, Asa’s presence in the wild seems lacking to almost non-existent, though having been out there longer than Azaka she has received some attention. To help make up for this deficit of Asa on the Internets today I choose you Asa.

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Nankyoku Sakura by Alter

Late post this week, I keep trying for Mondays but something always gets in my way! Better late than never right?

Being an unknown character this was one of my impulse purchases, which I might add, have dramatically increased in quantity recently, injuring my wallet with each click of the “Buy It Now” button. But due to most everyone’s praise of Alter’s products as of recent times, I felt pretty confident with the purchase of Nankyoku Sakura and looked forward to her arrival.

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Sill Plain by Kotobukiya

I’m never sure with translations if names are correct or engrish-ified. For example, Holo or Horo. I prefer Horo, but Holo seems to be the version the Japanese have chosen to use. So with Sill Plain, I have to wonder, what on earth is this name supposed to be? Google translates her name as Shiiru Prine. AliceSoft wiki has her as both Sill Plain and Shiiru Purain, none of these seem like names. The series itself even suffers from some mild identity issues as well, Sengoku Rance/Sengoku Lance. Surely it must be Lance, right? riiight? *sigh* Continue reading Sill Plain by Kotobukiya

Tohsaka Rin & Berseker by Good Smile Company

This beautiful figure arrived on Tuesday this week. But being busy I wasn’t able to type anything about it. Plus I purchased a┬áNikon SB-600 so I wanted to try and figure out how to use it before shooting some pictures of the figure. I think I’ve gotten better results with this flash than before, they’re more consistent anyway. That said, there is still inconsistency with light levels and such.

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