Horo by CM’s Corporation

I think I have to start by saying that I’m pleasantly surprised. I knew ahead of time this would not be a perfect Horo. Between the promoshots and the preview at Hobby Stock it was clear what I was going to receive. Then the poorly lit photos started appearing and everyone complained and cancelled their orders. But I held steady, I’d been through this a hundred times I knew what to expect, and that was not to expect much at all. I think because of this pessimism I’m able to be pleasantly surprised today.

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Horo by Volks

Volks’ Horo is probably personally my most anticipated figure to date and will likely retain that title for a considerable period of time. As soon as I’d seen her I knew that I had to have her and continually searched for any and all information I could find, I was obsessed. Over the months the hype grew in my mind to impossible expectations, expectations the figure could never possibly live up to. The fear of my eventual disappointment grew and I started second guessing my decisions, would I really like this figure?

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Horo by Kotobukiya

This review has been a long time coming. I’ve set it aside for another day a few times, saving it for later always. I kept choosing to do this because she’s probably my favourite figure so far and wasn’t quite sure how to present that. Not only is she Horo, one of my favourite characters, but she’s done rather well in this figure. She’s also the smallest Horo I own so far coming in at 1/8th scale.

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