Elwing by Max Factory

Today we have the final instalment of Max Factory’s Shining Wind Sexy Girls in Bikinis. What’s that you say? There’s four figures, not three? This is true, very true. I however do not own Ryuna as her price seems to be considerably higher than the other 3 in the set. I’m not entirely sure why though, perhaps she was a popular character in the game? Anyway, today I present you with Elwing, a sexy elf girl.

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Blanc Neige by Max Factory

Sometimes you just fall for a girl (or 3) in a bikini, a simple reason for sure, but I think a perfectly reasonable excuse. I’ve personally tried (and failed) to avoid buying sexy girls in bikinis because they’re generally quite plain figures, sexy, but lacking depth. Though I must say, they’re a lot simpler to explain than having a tail fetish.

This week I’m going to do something slightly different, a series of reviews for a series of figures. Let’s call it Max Factory’s Shining Tears Sexy Girls in Bikinis, today we’ll start off with Blanc Neige.

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Sawatari Makoto by Max Factory

Perhaps my most sought after anime figure so far in my collecting career, Sawatari Makoto by Max Factory. She was hard to find and even harder to find at a reasonable price. Even after finding her at a ‘reasonable’ price she only JUST met it by one penny. I had set out with a $100 goal, and she was $99.99, for an open box, and included the previous owners dust! But I was happy to finally get my hands on her.

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Seena Kanon by Max Factory

More and more often I’m breaking my one and only rule in regard to collecting anime figures. I really do try though, I try not to buy figures from series I’ve never seen or played, honest. But I get tempted and buying is too easy now-a-days. Just click and it’s bought, no exchange of physical currency, no immediate indication that one has given up anything in exchange for the item. That’s how I purchased this figure here today, she was on sale at YesAsia with free shipping as well, I couldn’t resist and a few seconds later the figure was purchased and soon on it’s way. So soon in fact I thought it was another figure I’d ordered, arrived in record time just 3 days! Continue reading Seena Kanon by Max Factory