Quickie 3.143: Clevelands House

May 23, 2013

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada. The Monday being the holiday known officially as Victoria Day, though almost always referred to as May ‘two-four’ weekend. A double entendre referring both to the time in which the holiday approximately falls and the slang term ‘two-four’ which refers to a case of beer numbering twenty-four in quantity. I did not enjoy a two-four as I rarely drink, I did however ride over 1,000 km.

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Toronto Doll Meet: April ’13

April 29, 2013

Yesterday I attended my second doll meet in Toronto. We went to Manpaku in the downtown core, next to the Ontario College of Art & Design, and then ventured out into Grange Park. Rather, everyone else went to Manpaku, I showed up late and just went to the park as well as some after meet stuff. None the less, it was a good turn out, twice as many people and dolls as March’s meet at Café Princess.

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2012 Suzuki V-strom 650

April 20, 2013

After two years of riding a sport bike in ways that a sport bike was never really intended to be ridden I decided a change was in order. I bought something a little more suited to the task at hand.

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Animaris Geneticus Parvus #5 by Theo Jansen (via Shapeways)

April 11, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I saw a YouTube tour of Adam Savage’s home office and amongst all the neat little objects and trinkets he had was the Strandbeest he’d gotten through Shapeways. I’d seen these ‘beests’ on YouTube before, but they were always much MUCH larger. It was neat to see one of them […]

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Quickie 3.012: Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area

January 12, 2013

In Canada eh you’d expect that come January you’d be wearing your toque eh, riding your skidoo eh, building an igloo eh, or perhaps bundled up on your chesterfield with you choice of poutine or Kraft Dinner to keep you warm eh. Today however was 11°C, what little snow we had was mostly melted and I was out on my motorcycle clocking over 200 km today.

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