British Columbia

It’s been almost two weeks since I arrived back home to On-terrible (Ontario) from a recent trip to British Columbia. Like Colorado, I wish I lived there, everything is gorgeous, even when it’s foggy, cloudy, and cold, but not cold enough to snow. As you’d probably expect, I took Horo along with me for some photos, what you might not have expected was I brought along her new friend Alice. Whom I’ve yet to post about as she arrived shortly before I left for the trip, but more on her in another post I suppose. Continue reading British Columbia

A Theif, a Chair, and a Sewing Lesson

Recently managed to get a hold of Volks’ Lady Thief outfit for Horo, along with a tiny scale chair¬†from Volks USA, specifically the “Shibata Chair No.5 Leather Chair (Burgundy)¬†they need chair in the name twice. Their shipping prices are astronomical… But here we are. Additionally, I learned a valuable life lesson, I learned how to sew buttons on.

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