Seena Kanon by Max Factory

More and more often I’m breaking my one and only rule in regard to collecting anime figures. I really do try though, I try not to buy figures from series I’ve never seen or played, honest. But I get tempted and buying is too easy now-a-days. Just click and it’s bought, no exchange of physical currency, no immediate indication that one has given up anything in exchange for the item. That’s how I purchased this figure here today, she was on sale at YesAsia with free shipping as well, I couldn’t resist and a few seconds later the figure was purchased and soon on it’s way. So soon in fact I thought it was another figure I’d ordered, arrived in record time just 3 days! Continue reading Seena Kanon by Max Factory

Sill Plain by Kotobukiya

I’m never sure with translations if names are correct or engrish-ified. For example, Holo or Horo. I prefer Horo, but Holo seems to be the version the Japanese have chosen to use. So with Sill Plain, I have to wonder, what on earth is this name supposed to be? Google translates her name as Shiiru Prine. AliceSoft wiki has her as both Sill Plain and Shiiru Purain, none of these seem like names. The series itself even suffers from some mild identity issues as well, Sengoku Rance/Sengoku Lance. Surely it must be Lance, right? riiight? *sigh* Continue reading Sill Plain by Kotobukiya

Zange by Kotobukiya

Nagi and Zange, ~66% of the set. I never purchased Tsugumi, and I semi-regret that now, but only because I don’t have a complete set. These two ’sisters’ look quite cute together, much better than on their own I think. Nagi was fine on her own, but Zange I don’t like so much by herself, despite her appealing bum. I’ve never been a fan of the bunnygirl, their tails are too short but I’ll give them cute for their floppy bunny ears. Continue reading Zange by Kotobukiya

Corticarte Apa Lagranges by Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company seems to be dominating my figure collection as of late. They’ve now tied Kotobukiya with the top step each consisting of ~26%, the next closet being Alpha x Omega with ~10%. This is also the first figure to break my own rule. I blame the same friend whose daughter I was compelled to purchase, continually linking me pictures of Corti. Shame on him. (NSFW Links: Danbooru / moe.imouto).

What other rules will I break…

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Ryougi Shiki by Good Smile Company

Shiki Ryougi, my 2nd in fact. This happens to be the re-release of the figure and as far as I know she’s identically produced and differs only in the date she was created. I’ve heard on good authority that this is not always the case with re-releases of figures, but I’ve yet to see any evidence of differences between original release and re-release. Would be interesting to find a comparison somewhere of a few different re-released figures and their originals. Shiki’s also one of the items that was shipped by SAL, she arrived in fairly decent time at two weeks, and in pristine condition. I don’t think I could have asked for more. Well, I suppose no duty would have been nice…

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