Last Nice Day of the Year?

Recently went out for an 8-9 hour motorcycle ride through southern Ontario. I could have chosen a better route perhaps but all in all I was quite happy with the sights, which I’d seen before for the most part. One thing differed though, Godrich Ontario had been hit by an F3 Tornado since the last time I’d visited the downtown core. Sadly I didn’t remember this and didn’t take any pictures of the progress, I just thought there was a lot of construction… doh! Continue reading Last Nice Day of the Year?

A New Hobby; A Birthday Present to Myself

A couple of weeks ago I inched another year towards death; I had a birthday. To help hasten the slow inevitability of death I decided to get a dangerous new hobby. I purchased a motorcycle. Admittedly not a very fast motorcycle by some standards but comparatively quick to mine automobile. With a weight-to-power ratio of 3.5 kg per kW (with me perched atop no less) it’s nearly twice as fast as my Saabaru.

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