Track Day: Calabogie Motorsports Park

This past Saturday I was invited to a track day at Calabogie Motorsports Park by my friend Yami. It would be my first track day in over a decade, and my first ever track day on a motorcycle. Should be noted, my first track day resulted in my cars engine self-destructing after just 45 minutes total track time. I was feeling extremely intimidated about this track day for many reasons.

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Repairing the Hatch Release on the Saabaru

After a couple of years of frustration followed by a marathoning of Mighty Car Mods on YouTube I decided it was finally time to fix the hatch on my car. More importantly, now that winter is pretty much here in Canada, I’ll be driving the car a lot instead of the bike and will really probably need access to my luggage space. So here are some photos and description of how that went down.

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Clevelands House

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada. The Monday being the holiday known officially as Victoria Day, though almost always referred to as May ‘two-four’ weekend. A double entendre referring both to the time in which the holiday approximately falls and the slang term ‘two-four’ which refers to a case of beer numbering twenty-four in quantity. I did not enjoy a two-four as I rarely drink, I did however ride over 1,000 km. Continue reading Clevelands House