5.219: Vehicle Maintenance

August 7, 2015

Back in July both of my vehicles required some regular maintenance. Neither task particularly difficult but as they were things I’d never done before I requested the assistance of some friends to ensure everything was done properly.

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4.319: Repairing the Hatch Release on the Saabaru

November 15, 2014

After a couple of years of frustration followed by a marathoning of Mighty Car Mods on YouTube I decided it was finally time to fix the hatch on my car. More importantly, now that winter is pretty much here in Canada, I’ll be driving the car a lot instead of the bike and will really probably need access to my luggage space. So here are some photos and description of how that went down.

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Quickie 4.153: Replacing My Forward O2 Sensor

June 2, 2014

As mentioned at the end of my previous quickie I had to replace the forward O2 sensor on the Saabaru so that I could pass emissions and renew my plate stickers. A friend of mine, the same friend from this post, MrCool did most of the work. Not because I couldn’t, but because I’m a pussy and didn’t want to touch the hot exhaust pipes.

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Quickie 4.148: Replacing My Fork Seal

May 28, 2014

On Monday I visited a family friend who’s built a couple of custom motorcycles to learn how to replace a fork seal on my V-strom. Of course, my repair manual tells me how, and we used that for torque figures, but it’s always nice to have someone who knows what they’re doing for your first time doing anything.

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Colorado Trip #3

September 28, 2013

It would seem that it’s becoming an annual tradition to travel down and visit my favourite state in ‘murica. Three years running I’ve visited the “colorful” state of Colorado, each year with a different idea of how to tackle the state. This year I chose by motorcycle and it was easily the best visit yet. I covered a lot of ground and probably did so too quickly, which of course just means I’ll have to go back ;).

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Trip Log: ‘Round Lake Michigan

July 3, 2013

Long weekends are the perfect weekends to plan quick trips around. You get a free day off thanks to observed holidays, and even if you have to book time off work you don’t have to waste as much vacation hours. Canada Day weekend I decided to really test out my bike, the camping gear I purchased, and how well I would handle great distances alone on a motorcycle.

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Quickie 3.150: Ride Through the Country Side

May 30, 2013

I haven’t gotten tired of showing off my new bike yet. So here are a few more photos from a recent ride through the country side. Farm, farm as far as the eye can see. I wonder what they’re growing?

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