Katsuragi Misato (2008) by Kotobukiya

Today we have Katsuragi Misato from Kotobukiya’s Rebuild of Evangelion series of figures. Previously I reviewed their Ayanami Rei and Friday I will review their Shikinami Asuka Langley. Misato stands out from Asuka and Rei because she has far far less figures made in her image. In the past 14 years since the series’ debut Rei and Asuka have accumulated over 287 figures between them (not including garage kits!), Misato only 16, and of course not all of those 16 are well produced. Kotobukiya’s thankfully is, but how well?

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Ayanami Rei Plugsuit Ver. (2007) by Kotobukiya

Last week I decided to do a review of an entire set of figures over the course of the week. I liked the idea a lot, and while a good deal of work I’ve decided to do it again this week with Kotobukiya’s Rebuild of Evangelion series of figures, starting off with Ayanami Rei and ending with my favourite, Shikinami Asuka Langley. That means Misato will be sandwiched between these two ladies, yum.

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Elwing by Max Factory

Today we have the final instalment of Max Factory’s Shining Wind Sexy Girls in Bikinis. What’s that you say? There’s four figures, not three? This is true, very true. I however do not own Ryuna as her price seems to be considerably higher than the other 3 in the set. I’m not entirely sure why though, perhaps she was a popular character in the game? Anyway, today I present you with Elwing, a sexy elf girl.

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Blanc Neige by Max Factory

Sometimes you just fall for a girl (or 3) in a bikini, a simple reason for sure, but I think a perfectly reasonable excuse. I’ve personally tried (and failed) to avoid buying sexy girls in bikinis because they’re generally quite plain figures, sexy, but lacking depth. Though I must say, they’re a lot simpler to explain than having a tail fetish.

This week I’m going to do something slightly different, a series of reviews for a series of figures. Let’s call it Max Factory’s Shining Tears Sexy Girls in Bikinis, today we’ll start off with Blanc Neige.

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Horo by Volks

Volks’ Horo is probably personally my most anticipated figure to date and will likely retain that title for a considerable period of time. As soon as I’d seen her I knew that I had to have her and continually searched for any and all information I could find, I was obsessed. Over the months the hype grew in my mind to impossible expectations, expectations the figure could never possibly live up to. The fear of my eventual disappointment grew and I started second guessing my decisions, would I really like this figure?

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Saber Lily by Good Smile Company

Saber Lily -Distant Avalon- is perhaps one of the more highly anticipated releases of 2009, perhaps only bested by Good Smile Company’s Black Rock Shooter. And as such I too was writhing with anticipation awaiting her eventual arrival at my doorstep. Oddly however, after arriving Saber sat in her box for quite some time which is very unlike me. Normally I tear things open immediately but with Saber I waited patiently, leaving her there, taunting me, begging me to release her, but I did not listen. Not until the end of last week did I finally muster up the strength to remove her from the box and unbind her legs and waist from the packaging.

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Sawatari Makoto by Max Factory

Perhaps my most sought after anime figure so far in my collecting career, Sawatari Makoto by Max Factory. She was hard to find and even harder to find at a reasonable price. Even after finding her at a ‘reasonable’ price she only JUST met it by one penny. I had set out with a $100 goal, and she was $99.99, for an open box, and included the previous owners dust! But I was happy to finally get my hands on her.

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Melissa Seraphy by Good Smile Company

Happy Halloween! I guess it’s a bit early for that right? I mean it’s not for another 5 days, but it’s close enough! I’m really quite happy I managed to find Melissa Seraphy from Wagamama Capriccio for a decent price before Halloween, I have no other decorations for this occasion and I probably should, and so she seemed fitting. But that’s not the only reason I bought her of course, it’s just my excuse.

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