Track Day: Calabogie Motorsports Park

This past Saturday I was invited to a track day at Calabogie Motorsports Park by my friend Yami. It would be my first track day in over a decade, and my first ever track day on a motorcycle. Should be noted, my first track day resulted in my cars engine self-destructing after just 45 minutes total track time. I was feeling extremely intimidated about this track day for many reasons.

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Toronto Doll Meet 19.7: Too Much Dessert

Yesterday everyone got together for the first TADDMUG in I think 21 months. Though in many ways it didn’t feel that way at all. We’d seen each other at weddings, Anime North, and other little get togethers in smaller groups. But also it felt like we were all able to just carry on as though the gap had never happened, which I think in itself says a lot about the group and how close everyone is.

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Toronto Doll Meet 16.9: Rained Out Again

Arguably it’s been one of the best summers for outdoor activities in Ontario with so many sunny days all season. Except when TADDMUG wants to go to Toronto Island, then it rains. Once again we used our fall back, MarchĂ©, because we never need a reservation. Well… We didn’t, but it was close this month. Every room off the main area seemed to be reserved except for a small out of the way corner. This ended up working perfectly for us because the group who reserved the rest of the room never showed up!

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2016 Canadian International Air Show

On labour day this year I was invited out on MrCool’s family’s boat to go out on Lake Ontario for the Canadian International Air Show that takes place over Toronto, Ontario. It’d been years since I’d been to the show, and I’d never watched it from the lake before. More over, I’ve never shot with a telephoto lens while on a boat either, it turned out to be quite a challenge.

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