I’ve grown older and presumably wiser since I started Tailgrab.Org(y) and now have over a decade of experience at being a 20 year old. Over the course of this decade I’ve grown as a person, from a mere adult only in the view of the law into a mature manchild. I suppose that is both oxymoronic and probably should be insulting but I’ve come to realize in my maturity as an adult of 20 with 10 years experience,  that everything I like and enjoy has it’s roots in some former childhood passion of mine. I don’t think it’s wrong to embrace these passions as they manifest as an adult, as they  are after all what make me who I am, and predominantly what populates Tailgrab.Org(y) with content.

I can look at any hobby I have and easily trace back it’s roots to childhood or beyond. Anime for instance, I’ve been watching it since I was four years old, well before I was ever aware it was a genre of cartoon with more range of content than North American cartoons. Or how about cars, my father used to race cars and take me to car races (heck, he still does!), I had a huge collection of Hot Wheels and Micro Machines, built model cars, and had a small collection of steel diecast cars that I still have to this day. I even had a go-kart as a child and my father would cut a race track into the back field for me and my siblings to race around. The only surprising thing about any of my hobbies is motorcycling, not because I bought one but because it took me so long to get one in the first place. Both of my parents owned motorcycles when I was a kid, my grandfather as well, heck he even owned a Suzuki and he and my grandmother loved just riding around on motorcycle trips, much the same way I do (though I bring Horo and Alice with me). I don’t follow in their tradition of only keeping to pavement though, some of the best places are on the gravel roads and fire roads, even if they are a heck of a lot more sketchy to ride on.

Another hobby of mine traceable to childhood are computers and the Internet, or back then, just bulletin board systems and newsgroups I guess. My family has probably had a computer system since I was around the age of four and I’ve been using one for just about as long. I learned how to spell and type just so that I could play the game Space Quest and the odd time “help” my father use a BBS (really just do exactly what he said). It’s this root interest from childhood that spawned my interest in hosting a website, of which I’ve hosted many, and all of them were terrible, Tailgrab.Org(y) being the least terrible so far.

I started hosting websites using a free hosting service in the late 90s. This website was dedicated to Neon Genesis Evangelion, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and the McLaren F1. Unfortunately it was quite possibly the worst thing ever, so little content, so poorly made, and predominantly consisted of those animated “Under Construction” GIFs that seemed to popular at the time, as well as, well… animated gifs everywhere. I wont show you a screenshot of it, but I will tell you I used rainbow text and Snap ITC as the font. Like anything from your teenage years, it was horrible and you’d like to pretend it never happened.

After that terribad teenage fandom website I moved on to hosting my own forum using YaBB, Yet Another Bulletin Board. It was a Perl-based web application that used a flat file system in place of a database. This simplified hosting for someone just figuring out how to self-host but holy flying spaghetti monster did it make it slow. But that wasn’t the worst of it, no, I hosted this site using my home dial-up connection. That made it really slow. Of course, I used a service called No-IP to make up for the dynamic IP addresses I was given and I did have a second phone line by this point so I could leave the connection on 24/7. But really, it was pretty pathetic, I’m not even sure why anyone used it at all (and few used it). After that I hosted another site using Exoops which I can’t remember anything about other than it was a content management system. I think this was my first blog actually. I might have even owned a domain at this point it’s so long ago it’s hard to remember the details. The biggest thing I remember though was it too was crap. This was a reoccurring theme, I would make a crap website and think it was hot shit until I didn’t, and remove it from all existence, thankfully. Eventually I produced something good enough to stick with, Tailgrab.Org(y), my least bad website so far, there are many things I regret posting on the site, but I’ve left all of them up anyway. If I were to name one it would be the Nude Horo Cosplay post, my most dreadful post of them all.

Also over all this time I’ve had many aliases, changing them from one project to the next trying desperately to disassociate myself with whatever crap I’d produced previously. Aka however has stuck with me for quite a long time and I’ve grown fond of it. It’s simple, it’s short, it’s pronounceable and has the amusing side effect of having multiple meanings. Prior to meeting people who’d only known me by my alias, I’d always pronounced each letter like the acronym “a.k.a.” despite capitalizing it like a proper name. However, after hearing people call me “Ah-ka” (and being super weirded out at first) it started to feel more right, more proper, and I’ve now accepted that as the proper pronunciation.

The Site

Tailgrab.Org(y) originally started life under a different name, a name just as immature as pronouncing .org “or-g” or orgy. The domain was omgwebsite.com, and the sites name OMGWebsite. I started the site with really only a single post in mind, Review: FP / TAKIs terrible Horo Figure, and that’s pretty obvious when you look through earlier posts as I tried to find my way.  Taki Corporations Horo figure was the first figure I purchased and there were no reviews of the figure that I could find. All I could base my purchase on were some tiny blurry photos, so I bought anyway, perhaps blinded by lust, and was disappointed enough with what I received to start a website just to complain about it. Basically, Taki Corporations horrible Horo figure (though not the worst as I would find later) was the start of this now 5 year project that’s seen my hobbies grow from small time figure collector, to pretty big time, to Dollfie Dream collector. Should I thank them? I guess it’s too late, they went bankrupt in 2010.

After two years as OMGWebsite I decided to make the change to the domain and migrate to Tailgrab.Org(y). I’d always wanted to use tailgrab.org but when I started the site I’d been planning to use it for something else and used another domain I had instead. A decision I’d regretted all those two years until I made the change, and well, really, continue to regret. Because of the two years I’d used omgwebsite.com as the domain there were many URLs in the wild that would go dead in the switch and I didn’t want that to happen. So to this day I still have omgwebsite.com forwarding hits to tailgrab.org, making the domain essentially useless for other projects. Of course, I could use analytics to figure out how many people are still coming from that domain and whether it’s worth it, but I don’t like breaking things.

The site’s traffic has risen and fallen over the years. In the early days before MyFigureCollection.net it would receive a reasonably good amount of traffic, as it was sites like mine that many English speakers used to learn about anime figures they were interested in. However now that MyFigureCollection.net is a huge database of knowledge and users, sites like mine have become nearly irrelevant with regard to anime figures and reviews. I can’t blame everything on MFC though, because of course I stopped reviewing anime figures quite some time ago and moved on to other things, and much of that was related to space constraints and time constraints. In the end it was never the traffic driving me to produce content, just a desire to produce content. These days I don’t even check how many visitors Tailgrab.Org(y) receives but on the odd occasion I do, it’s a tiny fraction of what it used to receive and predominately most of the traffic is visiting that Nude Horo Cosplay post of mine that I regret so much. Despite that I feel I produce better content much of the time now than I did in the past.

The Name

The name of the site has a bit of an unusual origin I suppose. It comes from the nickname I and others gave to a short video clip from the anime Utawarerumono. Fun fact, I looped this clip on my second monitor for nearly a year back in it’s day. The clip would even load on startup so I couldn’t forget (possibly the start of my tail fetish?). The clip is of Hakuoro who’s injured and being supported by Eruru as they go for a walk. Hakuoro, who’s never seen women with tails notices Eruru’s. Curious if it were real he reaches down caresses and tugs her tail. Naturally Eruru is quite surprised at being fondled so openly by this man she only just met recently makes the cutest screech ever heard in anime, and possibly ever heard by man. After which she appears to be completely relaxed and then pushes the poor injured Hakuoro away violently.

My Rights vs Yours

All content on Tailgrab.Org(y) unless otherwise stated is produced by Aka and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License. This means that anyone is licensed to use and remix the content on Tailgrab.Org(y) (formerly OMGWebsite.com) freely for non-commercial use so long as you also allow others to do so with any derivative works you produce and just as importantly attribute the original work back to myself and Tailgrab.Org(y). It’s important to note that commercial use can include any website with paid advertisements, or through which you make a profit. If you would like to use the works featured on Tailgrab.Org(y) commercially, I have in the past granted license to do so, and can be contacted at aka [at] tailgrab.org.