Changes to Tailgrab

3 thoughts on “Changes to Tailgrab”

  1. Hey bravo for all the growth you’ve done over time. It’s not easy to make these career transitions and I’m in the middle of one of them myself.
    I did have your Saabaru hatch release post bookmarked for when I wanted to do mine, but unfortunately it’s not available yet. Could you make that post available soon? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks! Yeah it isn’t easy but life was so much better afterwards. Working in a profession I have a deep interest in, I’m just overall a happier person. Makes everything worth it. Good luck!

      As for the old post, if you need it before I get it reposted you can just add “old.” (with the period) in front of your bookmarked URL. The old site is still around for now as I’m using it for reference when I add old posts to the new site.

      Also glad someone found it useful!

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