Toronto Doll Meet 16.6: Marché

2 thoughts on “Toronto Doll Meet 16.6: Marché”

  1. It didn’t help I left super early from this meet – but yes, I’ll make a mental note to get all the dolls looking in the same direction for next time ^_~”

    Rin 2 is wearing her default eyes. I don’t remember where Rin 1’s eyes are from – but I do know I’ve changed her eyes the most of of all the dolls I own. I just could’t get the right look, the right shade of blue or the right shape. If you go back through photos that she’s in you’ll see all the changes @_@”

    1. Show’s how much I pay attention. I never noticed they changed, I only ever noticed how much they popped.

      I think I’ve written 4 months of posts now where I keep saying “I should get archangeli to make the dolls look at the camera because I forget” and then forget to ever mention it to you.

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