Toronto Doll Meet 15.3-15.12: The I Got Lazy Update


Once again we were at Cafe Princess, Go For Tea, one of the other spots we like to frequent, has been moving and under construction for so long we end up cycling through places quicker than we’d like. This was also the last ‘official’ meet up of the year due to December being a busy time for everyone. It was also Alice’s ‘birthday’ this month, I’d received her on November 18th. Alice was dressed in a brand new Azone outfit I saw on Amiami, it’s a super tight fit but it works just fine for s-busts, if you like that tight look. Unfortunately Azone outfits do not wash well in the washing machine like all the others I’ve successfully washed. I use a small laundry bag for the task, but the outfit started to disintegrate. Super super disappointed, but the outfit had to be pre-washed because of all the black and blue. Next time I get an Azone outfit I guess I’ll have to hand wash it multiple times instead of the washing machine. Unfortunately Alice was hidden behind so I’ve included a photo of her standing on my desk instead so you can see the outfit.

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Despite November being the last ‘official’ meet, we had a special guest flying in to Toronto in late December, Keripo. So a bunch of us all got together and met up with him, had lunch, and went back to Plasticfantastic and Dioptricstraw’s apartment for some photos. While there wasn’t any theme set pretty much everyone had the same idea in mind. I’d received two new (to me) outfits from waha that would work perfectly for Christmas, so both Horo and Alice were wearing them. Keripo’s waifu is Arcueid Brunestud, she’s the blonde with red glasses, she’s also in Christmas attire. She had a couple wardrobe malfunctions during the setup, but no one minded 😉

toronto-doll-meet-15.3-15.12-summary-post-87 toronto-doll-meet-15.3-15.12-summary-post-88 toronto-doll-meet-15.3-15.12-summary-post-89 toronto-doll-meet-15.3-15.12-summary-post-90 toronto-doll-meet-15.3-15.12-summary-post-91


And that covers almost the entire year of 2015. It’s really unfortunate I didn’t have the energy throughout the year to post all that much but hopefully 2016 will fair better!


* I don’t like using peoples real names online unless that’s what they prefer and they’ve given me permission.