Toronto Doll Meet 15.3-15.12: The I Got Lazy Update


Septembers meet was another small one, and due to the unknown location we were all told to only bring one doll. I didn’t read that part of the information and brought two, but really it’s not like I’d have left Alice at home had I read it anyway. It’s reasons like these I’m content to have just two dolls, I don’t want to have to pick who I bring. This was a fun meet though, we met up at a game cafe and played games. I wasn’t too happy with the food options though and didn’t really end up eating anything until later that day. Due to the lighting, and how busy the place got we didn’t really do any photos. So I included some from when I was dressing Horo and Alice for the meet. The theme was “Back to school” so I dressed Horo up as a teacher and Alice up as a student.

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For October we were back at Marché in downtown Toronto with a Halloween theme. We sat in a different room than usual, and like usual had people come by and take photos of the girls. They weren’t conversational this time, and maybe we weren’t as inviting as we usually are as were all having conversations and what not but oh well. Unfortunately I didn’t get a clear shot of the group, Dioptricstraw was in my way. The girl from 15.4 was back again, and we also had another new face, one of Kai Suteki’s friends who’s forum/alias I didn’t get.* She brought along her first doll with modifications and faceup by KK Workshop I believe, she’s the pink open mouthed girl at the far right. To her left is Kai’s girl.

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Di-chan123’s Saber Lily was dressed in a detective sort of look, Archangeli’s Mirai was dressed in the Lady Archer outfit, Meo’s girl on the far left was wearing Kirika Towa Alma’s outfit, MrCool’s two girls were prison bitches (lol). Yukino’s wearing an orange set of mechanic coveralls but they look a bit like a prison uniform, and the little one in front is wearing stripes which looks like an old school prison uniform when together like that. I joked that Yukino was the little one’s prison bitch. Two of the bear costumes were PlasticFantastics, and one was di-chan123s. And the sitting resin with her own little catgirl and witch hat was one of the newer girls dolls.

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You’re probably wondering how Alice’s default and Horo’s default qualify as Halloween costumes. Allow me to explain my reasoning here. Horo’s dressed as a nun, and while this is canonical within the series it is one of the scariest things she could ever be. Celibate. And Alice, she’s dressed as Horo how can that be scary? Do you see any wolf ears? Do you see a tail? Exactly. A human only Horo, terrifying! Now you see just how truly scary their costumes are. Also, Alice looks angrier with Horo’s hair.

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