Toronto Doll Meet 15.2: Valentine’s

Last weekend was TADDMUG’s (Toronto-Area Dollfie Dream Meetup Group) monthly meet. We met up at Marché in downtown Toronto, one of our usual restaurants as they’ll happily accommodate our unpredictable group size rather easily. It was a smaller group than we’ve had in the past but it was also ridiculously cold outside, so I don’t really blame anyone for not wanting to leave the warmth of their home. It was almost cold enough that temperatures read in both °F and °C would have been the same!

As the meet took place the day after Valentine’s Day the theme of the meet was of course Valentine’s. I interpreted the theme in sort of a Valentine’s Day date kind of clothing way, and used Volks’ “Going on a Date ☆ Active Girl Set” for Alice and “Lace-up Top Set” for Horo. Interestingly the “Lace-up Top Set” is for m to dy sized busts yet actually fits more snugly on an S-bust than the “Going on a Date” set does, despite that set being for s-busts. The reason for this is because the “Lace-up Top Set” is thinner and also more elastic, and as such looks much more svelte than the thicker “Going on a Date” set does. That said, the black tube-top that comes with the “Lace-up Top Set” is definitely for larger busts than Horo’s got, but the shirt holds it in check on her lovely s-bust. Another thing I didn’t notice until I got the two sets side by side was how different the skirts are, I much prefer the skirt on the “Going on a Date” set, it’s just cuter and a bit longer.

toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-02 toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-03 toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-04

It amuses me to no end that my taste in clothing differs when it’s for ‘my girls’ than when it’s in illustrations and photos on image boards. Short skirts are great, except when they’re on Horo and Alice, then they can only be so short before I’m not a fan. But I’m always torn, because the best zettai ryouiki happens with the shortest of skirts and the longest of thighhighs… Even more amusingly, I’m more ok with Alice wearing shorter skirts than I am with Horo. That might just be because Alice is an unknown to me and more open to experimentation, where Horo is a pretty specific character and the types of clothes she’s generally depicted in are from a more modest era.

toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-05 toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-06

Tallen, true to her word, brought along her other Worms and Bones creature named Acher (pronounced like “acre”), along with Chester and his buddy Wynny (Akira). I love Chester so much, he’s like a tail with a head, I stole him and cuddled him up around Alice for most of the meet. Still think it’d be cool to get one like this made. Acher is quite poseable and while he’s not as much to my taste as Chester he’s still quite neat. Tallen had him all curled up into a ball when she handed him to me, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it and gently pulled him open worrying I might break him or bend him wrong. I thought perhaps he’d be like the wires in Horo’s tail, bendable everywhere, but he felt jointed which helped ease my worrying.

toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-07 toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-08 toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-09 toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-10 toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-11

Archangeli provided all the exceedingly red hearts found in the photos. I’m not sure what it was about those hearts but they’re the reddest things ever, like 100% saturation of red. So red they look photoshopped into the photos, but I assure you they were definitely there. I am far too lazy to photoshop that many hearts into every photo.

toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-12 toronto-doll-meet-15.2-valentines-13

It’s probably because I used a DDH-07 head for Horo that I’m attracted to them, but oddly I rarely notice. I always comment “Oh she’s cute” and then someone invariably points out that it’s the same head sculpt as Horo. This didn’t quite happen at the meet but I set Horo and Alice up next to PlasticFantastic’s Nanako (DDH-07) and only after doing that did I realize I’d put two 07s next to each other. This is not the first time that has happened.


Quite some time ago, probably a couple months, my father quipped that Horo and Alice would be cold if I left them in the car like I was going to do at the time. Because of that when a friend was selling some wintery doll gear I bought it. As this doll meet was going to take place on the coldest day of the year I made sure to bundle Horo and Alice up in some warm attire, and of course made sure to show my father, reminding him of his previous comment which got a good laugh.


I think I like when meets are a smaller like this one was, not that I don’t enjoy seeing everyone but it’s easier to have a bunch of good conversations without feeling like people are left out. I don’t know why that bothers me so much, but I guess I just want everyone to be as social as I am so that I can be sure they’re having a good time as well. But everyone enjoys things differently I guess.

On to March! Wonder if I’ll manage to have anything new to show off by then?



  1. Karl says:

    Long time no comment on one of your blog posts! I always find it interesting how hair style can change the look of a face. Horo and Nanako may be the same head sculpt but Nanako appears to have a broader face. How does Horo’s vinyl and plastic body behave in the VERY cold weather that you have had this year? Do you need to let them warm up before posing them? By the way do you know if any of the group are going to the Volks Dolls Party Los Angeles in September? Anyway have a great week and hopefully the temperature will quickly match this weekends arrival of spring.

    • Aka says:

      Hey Karl,

      I never treated the girls any differently in the cold. Though, I also didn’t really take them outside beyond travel between the car and the destination. Due to all the super cold weather I didn’t take them out for photos all winter. In a way I regret that, but for the most part I don’t. So I guess I really don’t have enough information to answer your question, but I’ve never treated them any differently depending on weather or temperature. But for the most part that’s only included slightly below freezing and well well well above.

      It’s so true! The hair and eyes can really change a face dramatically for me. It’s amazing how different Horo and Nanako look to me despite their similarities.

      I’m not sure if I know of anyone from Toronto going to LA, I have an idea of who might go, but nothing for sure. Perhaps I’ll discuss it with them tomorrow at this months meet.

      Can’t wait for the temperature to rise more consistently! I really want to get out on my motorcycle.