Toronto Doll Meet 15.2: Valentine’s

2 thoughts on “Toronto Doll Meet 15.2: Valentine’s”

  1. Long time no comment on one of your blog posts! I always find it interesting how hair style can change the look of a face. Horo and Nanako may be the same head sculpt but Nanako appears to have a broader face. How does Horo’s vinyl and plastic body behave in the VERY cold weather that you have had this year? Do you need to let them warm up before posing them? By the way do you know if any of the group are going to the Volks Dolls Party Los Angeles in September? Anyway have a great week and hopefully the temperature will quickly match this weekends arrival of spring.

    1. Hey Karl,

      I never treated the girls any differently in the cold. Though, I also didn’t really take them outside beyond travel between the car and the destination. Due to all the super cold weather I didn’t take them out for photos all winter. In a way I regret that, but for the most part I don’t. So I guess I really don’t have enough information to answer your question, but I’ve never treated them any differently depending on weather or temperature. But for the most part that’s only included slightly below freezing and well well well above.

      It’s so true! The hair and eyes can really change a face dramatically for me. It’s amazing how different Horo and Nanako look to me despite their similarities.

      I’m not sure if I know of anyone from Toronto going to LA, I have an idea of who might go, but nothing for sure. Perhaps I’ll discuss it with them tomorrow at this months meet.

      Can’t wait for the temperature to rise more consistently! I really want to get out on my motorcycle.

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