Toronto Doll Meet 15.1: First Meet of the Year

Being the first meet of 2015 I guess some people were still recovering from Christmas/New Years or perhaps fulfilling their new years resolutions or something, as the meet was a bit smaller. We were “just” nine, and were out numbered by dolls two to one. The theme was sweaters and while not everyone had one, everyone did look bundled up for winter so that worked just as well.

We didn’t get the “party room” this time around as there was a group that needed it for some apparently educational thing with a projector and sound and what have you. Some of us joked it was a pyramid scheme but truthfully, I couldn’t tell you what tree rings would have to do with pyramid schemes. Whatever the case, they seemed quite nice and polite, and wanted some photos of the dolls as often is the case with the meets.


I managed to capture a group shot of everyone before Meo had to leave to go birding. So I didn’t manage to get any close ups of his two girls, the MDD to the far right, and the open mouth girl at the back. I didn’t realize at the time that’s what was happening so I was having conversations and taking a picture here and there. Probably would have grabbed a couple shots of his girls before he left just to get them, oh well.

toronto-doll-meet-15.1-03 toronto-doll-meet-15.1-04

I managed not to stain any shirts this time around, but that didn’t stop everyone from joking about it (including myself) and putting napkins in my lap or shirt. MrCool decided to show up looking all fancy in a fitted white suit jacket, so I kept gesturing that I’d spill my food on his jacket. Good times.

toronto-doll-meet-15.1-05 toronto-doll-meet-15.1-06

Due to the meet being a smaller one, it meant I was able to get around and talk to everyone, which is always nice. Sometimes I feel bad and end up talking to the people I know quite well already instead of those whom I don’t. I know it’s not really my responsibility to talk to everyone, but it seems to make sense to talk to the people I talk less to or not at all to outside of meets rather than those I talk to all the time. So when I get to do that I feel like it was a good meet.

toronto-doll-meet-15.1-07 toronto-doll-meet-15.1-08

I’m glad that Tallen keeps bringing Chester the Tea Monster. A continual reminder that I’m going to have to buy one at some point in the future. I’ve even come across an illustration of Horo in a similar fashion, and now I have to get something like it. The illustration is by Takanon Ikuta (鷹呑), who’s done numerous NSFW illustrations and doujins of Horo. The illustration appears to be tagged “Digimon” but I never watched so I don’t get the reference, perhaps someone can explain.


Everyone’s expanding their doll line up and bringing three dolls to meets now, and trying to encourage me to buy a third. PlasticFantastic and Archangeli have regularly brought three girls to the meets, but now di-chan and Tallen are as well. Every time I vehemently state ‘no I will never xyz’ I end up doing exactly that. “I will never like a character enough to buy a second dollfie” and so I buy a character I’ve never even heard of, Kuonji Alice. So will I get a third dollfie? I guess time will tell, but I don’t see the immediate ‘need’. I find it difficult enough to bring two with me places, three just wont fit, and I don’t see the point in having a third when I can’t bring it with me. That said, I have some ideas of who I’d like for a third…

toronto-doll-meet-15.1-09 toronto-doll-meet-15.1-10 toronto-doll-meet-15.1-11 toronto-doll-meet-15.1-12

Annoyingly, for the entire duration of the meet except perhaps the very end, Horo’s hair was on crooked and everyone had already taken their photos that way. I didn’t notice and now I feel bad. I took one photo of Horo with her hair on right, compare to the group shots above and you’ll probably notice the problem.


All in all it was a good meet, I’m also rapidly closing on my two year anniversary in the hobby which is hard to believe. That also means I’ve managed to go longer than many people in the group without buying another doll! It’s been well over a year since I purchased Alice, maybe I really can stick with just two girls! </famous last words>

Excuse for getting Alice, Horo always had to be Horo, I needed someone to experiment with… and then I left her default for over a year…