Toronto Doll Meet 14.12: Gopher T

It’s winter once again here in Canada and of course that means indoor only meets. The Toronto Dollfie group met at GoForTea (Gopher T) again and took over the party room. We also annoyed other customers by using our flashes all over the restaurant which made me feel intrusive and a little bit bad, but no one seemed to mind despite it. So that was nice of them.

The meets continually seem to fluctuate in size, pulsing bigger and smaller each month but with a gradual trend of increasing size. This month I believe we had thirteen people attend with nineteen Dollfie Dreams, two little furry resins, three tiny Azones, and one Worms & Bones Tea Monster, which looks like a fluffy tail with a head. I want one. Amongst those thirteen was a newbie, at least to the group. He’s been collecting for a while having four Dollfie Dreams but couldn’t be persuaded to attend until this month. I think he enjoyed the meet and hopefully he’ll attend more in the future.




I wasn’t feeling too adventurous again so I went with my ‘usual’ meal for Gopher T some spicy chicken thing that’s never really that spicy but it’s otherwise good. Unfortunately I was wearing a brand new t-shirt and accidentally dropped a piece of chicken in the sauce and it splashed all over my shirt, which appears to be permanently although mildly stained. Maybe another wash will get it out? But I like the shirt, so stained or not I’ll keep wearing it, even if it makes me look like a slob. The picture below is from TeePublic’s page and not of the stained shirt.


As dolls were removed from the group shot to wander around the restaurant for photos I grabbed a couple more individual shots of the Akiras, di-chan’s Saber playing with Horo’s ears, and archangeli’s Micaela (Aoko) holding a tiny (blurry) Azone.

toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-10 toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-09 toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-11 toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-12 toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-13

While most of us conversed about various things CenturyStory set up a group shot elsewhere in the restaurant. She started with a couple dolls, and continued to expand it until there were nine all setup along the top of a bench seat with Christmas lights behind. Thankfully she included one of my two, Alice, so that I didn’t feel left out! Alice was wearing a ‘new’ outfit I’d purchased off Mahoro. It needs some adjustments to fit an S-bust like Alice’s so it looks a little bit bulky currently. But in the future she should look nice and svelte in it, as she should.



After the above shots the dolls were brought back into the party room area and Alice was left lying against Akira like below. Earlier in the meet there was some joke about motorboating as I recall, and so upon seeing this the joke was revived and someone made the comment that it wasn’t motorboating so much as washboarding. Poor Akira. Alice and I love your tiny boobs. After some choice angles it looked more like Alice was crying on Akira’s shoulder instead which was cute in it’s own way. Chester, the Worms & Bones Tea Monster, looks over at Alice inquisitively.

toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-19 toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-20

At the end of the meet there was a draw for the Christmas tree seen in the photos above. Everyone’s name was written on a piece of paper and placed into an entirely transparent container. The names were then thrust out of the container into the air where PlasticFantastic would grab a single name out of thin air. I was the lucky winner. Which admittedly I do find a bit amusing, because I might have been the least Christmasy person at the meet. Never the less this being the first Christmas decorations I’ve ever owned I felt I had to put them up on display.

toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-21 toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-22

So I went out to Canadian Tire and purchased some ‘warm’ LED Christmas lights, only to find out I bought lights on a white wire. This would not do as the tree was green. I returned them shortly after and tried to exchange them for a set of ‘warm’ lights with a green wire in the same size, but they didn’t have any. Disappointed I decided to go with the ‘pure white’ LED lights which gave off a very blue light by comparison. I shot the photos using a ‘white’ CFL so that I could try and warm the whole photo in post, but it’s far from perfect and not the warmth I was going for. I’ll just have to try again in the future. Also having no other decorations to add, I found two little boxes and wrapped them so that there’d be some presents under the tree. One for Alice, one for Horo, the transparent box is full of ornaments that couldn’t fit on the tree.

[galleria sid=”galleria-html” name=”playfulalice” type=”html” width=”562px” height=”848px” caption=”false” theme=”dots” controls=”false” autoplay=”500″ transition=”fade” speed=”1″ bgcolor=”white”]

Other things I’d like to get for a future Christmas photo, small Santa hats, small stockings, perhaps some other small items to make it more homely like a picture hanging behind them, even better if that picture is of them doing something together. A tiny fireplace would be awesome too. Lots of ideas, but no means to accomplish them. Also, getting bokeh with the size of Dollfies and distances I had available to me is far more difficult than I expected. That’ll be something I’ll have to experiment with more in the future as well.

toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-25 toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-26 toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-27 toronto-doll-meet-14.11-gopher-t-28

That last photo I like and hate at the same time. I like how Horo is, playing with Alice’s leg. I don’t like how the long focal length makes Alice’s leg look a little bit stumpy, I often take photos with shorter focal lengths to keep the legs looking long like they should. Oh well I guess.

Being that it’s December this is the last Toronto Doll Meet of the year. It’s been a fun year and while I missed a couple meets because I was down in Colorado or chose not to attend Anime North, I attended all the ones I could. The best worst (or the worst best?) thing about the meets is always the desire to buy more clothes, and nkei almost all year dressed her girls in clothes I found to be quite desirable. From the bunnygirls in Aprils meet to “Bambi” in Junes, to last meets (unphotographed) black butterfly dress. She has good taste in clothes, I hope she loses that good taste for a while next year, I need some time to catch up!

I hate when I finish taking photos, disassemble the whole setup and then realize I should have adjusted Horo’s hair… Or title every photo in this post as if it were November when it’s really December.



  1. During the holidays I’ll give you one of the treeskirts I bought. I may adjust it for you so it fits better on your tree since I stole the little one that Archangeli brought.

    The christmas lights are adorable, next year you can replace them with the warmer white and use these cool white as decoration in your room. :3

    • Aka says:

      Thanks! I looked around (as you know) at many places locally, but all of them said (when I bothered to ask) that the little tree skirts never sold so they didn’t get any in this year.

      I’m going to keep an eye out and see if I can find smaller lights for the future, while these aren’t bad and are the perfect amount of lights, I think if I can get them smaller it might help with some slight scaling issues in the photos.

      Additionally, I think I can use these lights just for effect in photos if I’m ever not lazy.

  2. Smithy says:

    Looks you had a good time at the doll meet, nice photos. ^^

    Personally do like the last Christmas themed photos the most with lots of bokeh where the Christmas tree and lights are out of focus. Alice’s legs look fine to me in that last shot and not too stubby due to the focal length. 🙂

    • Aka says:

      Yeah, I wanted more bokeh in all the shots but it just wasn’t happening. Didn’t have the table space to manage it. To even get the bokeh I got I had to bring in a second table. Kind of disappointed myself when I couldn’t get what I wanted. Also annoyed me when one of the better bokeh shots was accidentally taken with my cheap 50mm, which doesn’t have a circular aperture, but I just couldn’t get the same shot with the 35mm.

      I need a big empty room to use as a studio.

  3. Tallenvyaere says:

    Hahaha I’m really going to have to remember to bring Acher (pronounced like acre) with me next time. He’s another Worms and Bones critter. Acher doesn’t have a buddy like Chester does with Wynnie sadly 🙁