Visiting Plastic Fantastic

2 thoughts on “Visiting Plastic Fantastic”

  1. It’s been awhile but after seeing your latest updates I thought I should say something. It’s hard to tell in the photos if Horo is going to have Alice for dinner or vice-a-versa. But really I think its the bunny outfit that ate both of them and that its looking to eat Maya next. And as for Elle I think she is looking very sad and is in need of her own photo shoot. Happy holidays to you, your friends, and all the dollfies.

    1. I always thought it’d be neat to reverse Horo and Alice’s roles. Alice is always the one being eaten, Horo’s a wolf after all. For the Halloween meet (at which I took no photos doh!) Alice was dressed as Horo and Horo was dressed as a maid. Almost a role reversal. With the bunny kigirumi perhaps Horo was a wolf in bunny clothing and ate Alice!

      Elle always looks a bit sad, even in a group. Poor Elle.

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