Colorado Trip 4.5: Time-lapse

8 thoughts on “Colorado Trip 4.5: Time-lapse”

    1. No, I suppose for a first attempt it’s not horrible. But I already know so much of what I did wrong that I think the next one I do, whenever that is, should be much better. After watching the deflicker tutorial I see how I could have smoothed it out more as well.

      I’m really loving that dress Horo’s in, every single picture I take of her in it seems to just look amazing.

  1. Wow, those were some beautiful shots. I love Holo’s new outfit… It really does suit her.

    I like the shot of them sitting together, though Alice seems to be trying to get a little fresh with Holo. I mean really… she should know good and well that her hands need to stay of Holo’s bottom and should not be that high up her tail.

    1. Yeah I’ve had her in it ever since. It just makes me smile, I really quite like that outfit.

      Alice is actually holding on to the tree stump. I’d be ok if she got fresh with Horo though.

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