Colorado Trip #4.1: Mt Evans with the Girls

Despite having been in Colorado now for two weeks already, I’ve barely done anything. I’ve taken a couple cruises through the foot hills, but not taken a single photo until yesterday when Gibwar and myself took our girls up the 14er known as Mt Evans. You may recall I rode up it last year as well.

The night before our drive up Mt Evans Gibwar and myself were undecided as to where we wanted to go and when. Late that night we decided we’d wake up really early and hit up Mt Evans in the morning. This was both a blessing and a curse, a curse because dear FSM it was cold at elevation, and I’m so not a morning person, we left at 6am. I knew of both these things, but Gibwar being an avid hiker I believed him when he said it’ll be fine. I would later find out he’d never hiked a 14,000 ft mountain before, where as I had. In the end it was a blessing because it gave us lots of time to hike around before the rain and snow moved in, which unfortunately blocked our view at the summit.


While hiking around Gibwar quickly learned just how difficult it was to exert ones self at such an elevation, something that despite knowing already myself didn’t make it any easier for me either. We made frequent stops along the way to rest and catch what little oxygen was available. Often while stopped some other hikers would stop as well and start up a conversation, amusingly we then saw a couple of these people again at lunch in Idaho Springs. One such person poked me in the shoulder and startled me, I was thinking to myself “Who do I know in Colorado?!” but it was one of the people I’d had a good conversation with on the mountain.


Despite all the time we spent on the mountain, we didn’t get a lot of photos in, or rather, I took 141, but due to the high winds we had for much of the morning many didn’t turn out. Not that the photos were blurry, but finding places to get both balance and stability as well as a good shot were quite limited. Furthermore, it really limited where we could put the girls lest they get blown off the mountain, which did almost happen for Horo and Alice.


Perhaps due to a lack of oxygen, a lack of water, and a lack of food our posing was pretty limited (or more likely, we’re not creative). We started out with these simple group shots with Mashiro Mito, Freesia Estel, Horo, and Kuonji Alice. Mashiro’s in her default sans shoes, because her pumps fit quite loosely and one fell off and into a crevice down the mountain a little ways, don’t worry, I managed to recover it. Estel’s wearing a Volks character school uniform of sorts, Horo’s wearing a mix of clothes, a TTYA shirt, Alice’s Collections shorts and leggings, and some Doll Heart boots (not that you can see much of her outfit in these photos, but you can here on Tumblr), Alice is wearing a TTYA shirt as well, with an outfit from Doll Heart as well as boots from them as well. If you click that Tumblr link you can also see Alice’s outfit in full.

Tangent: Quick comments on the clothes listed above, the Alice’s Collections shorts don’t look anything like what they show on their site and in general don’t fit well. They “fit’ Horo only because I attached her tail differently to fill in the excess of the waist. The Doll Heart outfit Alice has on, the top simply does not suit an s-bust, possibly not an m either, though I haven’t tried. This is the reason I switched out the top in the set for a TTYA shirt. If I had something to pin the back to make it tighter, I may have used it, but I think she looked better like this. Additionally, the boots Alice is wearing from Doll heart, one of them was separating from it’s sole so I glued them back together.

mt-evans-with-the-girls-06 mt-evans-with-the-girls-07

As you can see in the photos above, we weren’t at the top and it did happen to be clear at the time of these photos, but by the time we made it up there it was shrouded in cloud and had started to snow. These photos also happened to be taken during a rare moment of calm, almost no wind (by comparison). There was however enough wind to continually mess up Horo’s tail and ears. Mashiros with it’s shorter fur wasn’t affected nearly as much.


Despite not being at the top however, we did have quite an amazing view off the cliff. The closest lake in that photo is ~505 m (1,660 ft) below and 1.25 km (4,100 ft) away.


This last photo, I was trying to get a view of Horo and Alice looking out closer to the edge. It was a relatively safe spot, if they fell in the direction the wind would blow, but even still there was a possibility they’d roll/bounce off. I decided to take the risk anyway and I never did manage to get the shot I wanted. The wind picked up and almost took them off their perch and I had to quickly catch them, and it was at that point I gave up. We tried going up to the summit but by this point it was shrouded in cloud and useless. Here you can see the snow starting to fall just as we arrived at the summit.


As we left Mt Evans we could see the storms surrounding the area much better. I’d also put my dSLR away in the trunk and it wasn’t accessible, so (processed) smartphone shots… yay…

mt-evans-with-the-girls-10 mt-evans-with-the-girls-11

Despite the few photos and conditions, it was an overall enjoyable experience. I think it’d be nice to go back with some warmer gear, and water, and actually finish the trail all the way to the summit. Maybe next year 😉

I’ll have to find a good spot to take a photo of Alice in her hiking gear actually hiking…



  1. Smithy says:

    Some nice photos! Would be great to see what you could accomplish sometime in the future with perfect conditions if you return. 🙂

    • Aka says:

      I’m not having any luck this year with regards to weather. Just did another whole day out on the bike, and while I think I got a few shots, the weather was horrendous. I ended up riding the motorcycle through rain, sleet, snow, hail, and any combination of those. Was pretty sketch and I didn’t get to take any photos after the initial bunch. 🙁

      Here’s hoping I get something to show for this year!

  2. hamstercorp says:

    Leading such a life of adventure, riding your motorcycle and climbing mountains and all!

    Makes me wonder if other doll owners are amazed by you or anything.

    • Aka says:

      If they are, they don’t really say so. They probably think I’m dumb for putting them in such precarious and dangerous situations.

      I suspect at some point my luck will run out and I’ll either have to repel down a cliff (I don’t know how, nor have the equipment) or do some excessive hiking to retrieve them.

  3. Rajura says:

    Nice pictures from your trip, but please, don’t endanger Horo… please don’t.