Colorado Trip 4.1: Mt Evans with the Girls

6 thoughts on “Colorado Trip 4.1: Mt Evans with the Girls”

  1. Some nice photos! Would be great to see what you could accomplish sometime in the future with perfect conditions if you return. 🙂

    1. I’m not having any luck this year with regards to weather. Just did another whole day out on the bike, and while I think I got a few shots, the weather was horrendous. I ended up riding the motorcycle through rain, sleet, snow, hail, and any combination of those. Was pretty sketch and I didn’t get to take any photos after the initial bunch. 😦

      Here’s hoping I get something to show for this year!

  2. Leading such a life of adventure, riding your motorcycle and climbing mountains and all!

    Makes me wonder if other doll owners are amazed by you or anything.

    1. If they are, they don’t really say so. They probably think I’m dumb for putting them in such precarious and dangerous situations.

      I suspect at some point my luck will run out and I’ll either have to repel down a cliff (I don’t know how, nor have the equipment) or do some excessive hiking to retrieve them.

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