Toronto Doll Meet 14.6: High Park

With Anime North and subsequently Doll North last month and my choosing not to attend, I didn’t get to meet up with everyone until this month. It certainly felt like quite a long time, so much so that I’d actually gone out to take photos without a doll meet, which is something else that hadn’t happened in quite a while (though I haven’t posted them yet). Even still I don’t feel as though I talked to everyone much, maybe I did, but I mostly remember desperately trying to get a good photo in various places with Horo and Alice and mostly failing.

Usually with these park or island meets it seems the group tends to do a potluck lunch, which I suppose is fine it gets me eating things I wouldn’t normally eat. But I always hated dragging along everything, dolls, accessories, tripod, camera, food, cutlery, etc… And while no single person had to carry everything, it was still a lot to bring out to a park or especially Toronto Island. So, to my delight we didn’t do that this time. Everyone agreed to eat before hand and perhaps bring some snacks. I don’t think anyone ate before hand, but we did have snacks and drinks. I was fine with this.

Nurlindae happened to know a great spot in High Park and arrived early to hold the spot for the rest of us. Some old ladies tried to wait her out but failed to do so, because Nurlindae is awesome. Additionally, you know it’s a good spot when some old ladies try and wait you out, as they’ve probably had years of searching for just the right spot.

toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-02 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-03

Fortunately it wasn’t a large meet this month, I say this not because I’m anti-social or dislike those who didn’t show up or something, but our little nook there in High Park might have been a bit too crowded otherwise, and shade more difficult to come by. As it was, PlasticFantastic managed to get a weird sun burn, a perfect line, and not even because of clothes or anything. It just happened. I think there were eight people and fourteen dolls.

toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-04 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-05 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-09 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-06 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-10

I think it’s safe to say that nkei’s Summer (Rise) received most of the attention. I’d say everyone was probably nearly as enamoured with her as I was. “Bambi” as she was nicknamed, was wearing a beautiful poofy dress and headpiece with deer antlers. She looked like some kind of forest spirit, I really really liked her. So much so I went on Angell Studio’s, the producer of the dress, website and almost bought it. Stopping only because I thought I should sleep on it first and consider other alternatives. Further fueling my desire for the outfit though, nkei’s excellent posing and choice of locations meant that the best photos I took all day were easily those of “Bambi”. As nkei posed “Bambi” around our little nook in the park, I kept tailing her and taking photos of my own every time there was an opportunity to do so.

toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-13 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-14 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-15 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-16 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-17

Not really owning a large assortment of summery wear for Horo and Alice, I couldn’t really decide how best to dress them. They do have some t-shirts and a pair of shorts and such, and Horo’s got her Oktoberfest/Christmas dress which seems light and summery in a way, but due to the material choice it’s too shiny I thought for summer sun. The t-shirts and shorts didn’t seem appropriate for how everyone else dressed their girls, too casual or lounging around at home-like, not enough pretty. Additionally, I’d grown rather tired of Horo not being very identifiable as herself, so I put her in her “default” outfit. Had my Volks order arrived earlier I’d probably have ended up dressing Alice differently, but fortunately or unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time.

toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-07 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-08

On the fortunate side of things, that outfit not arriving in time gave us a neat little side effect, “Dark” Alice and “Light” Alice. As I’d dressed my Alice in her alternative default outfit which is quite dark all around, plus her dark purple hair and dark purple eyes she was of course, quite dark. Archangeli’s Alice however is a light brunette with blue eyes and was wearing a light dress, this meant they contrasted well together. Perhaps my Alice is the evil twin.

I made a few attempts to get Horo and Alice around in different spots for some photos, but I’m just no good at the subtleties of posing. Some are alright, but none as good as those photos I got of “Bambi”. Furthermore, Horo’s default isn’t very summery, it’s a bit too warm and layered, but most of all, those ankle warmers just annoy me. They’re far too big and really give off the wrong vibe, so I tried to hide them for the most part and then ended up with a lot of the same.

toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-11 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-12 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-18 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-19 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-20 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-21 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-22 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-23 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-24

One of the great things about our little nook there in High Park was the varied scenery we had surrounding us, a nice pathway, some nice gardens, nice shaded areas, a little rock waterfall, a stream. I tried to make use of much of this and honestly probably could have done a much better job if it wasn’t for another one of the great little things about our nook. Animals. I’d get a shot all setup, start taking some photos and figuring out the settings I should probably use when all of a sudden, ANIMAL! I’d quickly switch settings and try and capture a bird, or a squirrel, or a caterpillar, and then forget what I had been doing and presume that I’d already got the shots I wanted and move on, when I hadn’t. Kind of felt like Dug from Up. Oh well!

toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-25 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-26 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-27 toronto-doll-meet-6.14-high-park-28

What I imagine is going on in the two photos above. The cardinal is asking “What do we do about these hyoo-mons[1]? Oh shit they’ve spotted us!”


After leaving the park most of us went out for ramen at Kinton Ramen on Bloor St in Toronto. At the time I thought I’d been to one before but realized later that I’d mixed it up with another restaurant that was closer to the formerly named Paramount Theatre closer to downtown Toronto. I was quite happy with the spiciness of my jalapeño something or other ramen, which is rare because many of the other places we’d been to in the past the spiciness of the foods were not spicy enough. And it’s not like I enjoy super spicy foods, they just were disappointingly lacking in spiciness. I’ll probably go back, but one thing I didn’t like about the restaurant was the chef constantly screaming something every time a customer walked in, it got super annoying when you were trying to have a conversation. But all in all it was a good day and man did it go by fast, for being the “longest day of the year”, June 21st, it felt like the shortest.

After seeing nkei’s “Bambi” I think I need to get Horo and Alice some big fancy poofy dresses. 


[1] Yes I imagine the birds talk like the Ferengi from Star Trek.


  1. Rajura says:


    Good looking pics bud.

    Holo would look good in whatever she was wearing! However, she definitely needs another fancy outfit besides her classic one seen above.

    She still needs to try on the sweater and skirt combo that Alice favors.

    Oh, those cards will be coming your way fairly soon… your buddy here got a nice bonus that will be split between tithe, loans, and a scanner!

    • Aka says:


      She does look good in whatever she wears, but sometimes it’s just nice for her to look like her, you know? I’ll have to get some of her other outfits made at some point, maybe some more of the dresses, though I still want some of those outfits with pants, like this one. But maybe with short sleeves to match the shorts. Seems good and summery that way.

      Might try Horo in Alice’s outfits, I once put her in the nun-outfit, but that was when she had only the m-bust, and her breasts were a little too big for it. Now she’s got both an s and an m-bust, so she’ll fit tighter outfits, while still filling out her default shirt and her Oktoberfest dress.

      Congrats on the bonus! Sorry I’m not on Skype more, it just sits and eats CPU time for no reason.

      • Rajura says:

        Horo + tighter outfits = win!

        Last time Horo wore the nun habit, she was just taking the pups out for a walk. 😉 She has never been very shy about such things… except when trying to make men blush (which she does quite well).

        I will send an email later today after work… I do have a question that you should be able to answer.

        Yeah, when I leave Skype active, it eats my speed… I have yet to learn my lesson.

      • Rajura says:

        Oh by the way, the link for that picture you wanted to show doesn’t work, please try again… I’d love to see it.