A Fall in a River

4 thoughts on “A Fall in a River”

  1. Lovely photos, also quite like the panoramic and scenic photos, quite a lovely landscape.

    The ‘Active Girl Set’ still works well enough for these type of outdoor photos, though a different color skirt would have gone even better I think.

    1. You think so? I liked the pink skirt. What colour do you think would go better? The skirt that came with the original lace up set?

      Maybe I mostly liked the pink set because it gave Alice some colour, she’s always so dark.

  2. Really nice!

    I’m glad you finally put Horo in that outfit… it really does suit her (what doesn’t?).

    I hope you are saving a few more to put up later of her wearing that… I want a few other views and positions!

    1. I don’t actually have any other poses really. Was going to get some more photos this weekend but it never happened. Oh well, there’ll be more at some point.

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