Toronto Doll Meet 14.6: High Park

5 thoughts on “Toronto Doll Meet 14.6: High Park”

  1. Squirrel!

    Good looking pics bud.

    Holo would look good in whatever she was wearing! However, she definitely needs another fancy outfit besides her classic one seen above.

    She still needs to try on the sweater and skirt combo that Alice favors.

    Oh, those cards will be coming your way fairly soon… your buddy here got a nice bonus that will be split between tithe, loans, and a scanner!

    1. Thanks!

      She does look good in whatever she wears, but sometimes it’s just nice for her to look like her, you know? I’ll have to get some of her other outfits made at some point, maybe some more of the dresses, though I still want some of those outfits with pants, like this one. But maybe with short sleeves to match the shorts. Seems good and summery that way.

      Might try Horo in Alice’s outfits, I once put her in the nun-outfit, but that was when she had only the m-bust, and her breasts were a little too big for it. Now she’s got both an s and an m-bust, so she’ll fit tighter outfits, while still filling out her default shirt and her Oktoberfest dress.

      Congrats on the bonus! Sorry I’m not on Skype more, it just sits and eats CPU time for no reason.

      1. Horo + tighter outfits = win!

        Last time Horo wore the nun habit, she was just taking the pups out for a walk. 😉 She has never been very shy about such things… except when trying to make men blush (which she does quite well).

        I will send an email later today after work… I do have a question that you should be able to answer.

        Yeah, when I leave Skype active, it eats my speed… I have yet to learn my lesson.

      2. Oh by the way, the link for that picture you wanted to show doesn’t work, please try again… I’d love to see it.

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