Quickie 4.128: Cheltenham Badlands & Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

Sunday night MrCool, a reasonably local and fellow Dollfie Dream collector, asked if I would show him how to take good photos. I did nothing of the sort, but we spent Monday outside taking photos anyway.

The Cheltenham Badlands are a reasonably popular destination, even on a Monday morning/afternoon. While we were there many people stopped in to snap a few photos, and a couple of people approached us inquiring what it was MrCool and myself were up to. It would seem a common theme is to assume what we were doing is for a school project. I suppose that would be the easier answer, but I always answer saying it’s a hobby anyway. Had a good conversation with one older man and some friends of his who were visiting from England. He seemed to be aware of anime, and even had a furry friend. The type who dresses up in costumes I mean. What brought that bit of info into the conversation was his question of if Horo was a furry, because of her tail. MrCool and myself explained that she was not, but neither he nor I really cared either way as it was mostly an argument of semantics and we don’t hold any prejudice towards furries in general anyway. Everyone’s furry for Krystal etc… And this illustration of a furry Hakurei Reimu by Kagerofu is kinda hot too, though I’ll never get over the paw thing, like doll joints, I just can’t.


Note: I took these photos in 2007.

Anyone who’s watched Psi-Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal with host Dan Aykroyd (Anyone? Just me?) will probably recognize the Cheltenham Badlands. I know I did the first time I stumbled upon them. It was an immediate realization. Not a vague “I think I’ve seen this before”, no, this was “Holy shit, this is from that horrible TV show I watched as a kid and forgot existed.” The place isn’t all that large, but can be made to appear larger with some creative camera angles, which they made use of in the TV show, if I recall correctly. The formation is north of Brampton (a suburb of Toronto) along Olde Base Line (oldy base line as the GPS read it) just west off Hwy 10/Hurontario St. Apparently thousands of years ago it was a lake bed, and thanks to the poor farming practices of the 1930s,  the top soil was eroded revealing the underlying shale of the old lake. Thanks to that we have this interesting place to visit where nothing grows.

quickie-4.128-04 quickie-4.128-05 quickie-4.128-06 quickie-4.128-07

The second place we visited was Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. Most people who know of Forks of the Credit know of Belfountain, the little village along the road, or for the road itself. Many automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area visit the road as it’s a good bit of twisty fun just north of the city. As such, there are frequently police waiting just outside of town along Mississauga Rd. But that’s not what we were there to do. It was here I found out just how out of shape I am. For the most part I’ve sat on my ass all winter doing nothing, because it was particularly cold much of this winter. So strolling around the provincial park with a big backpack full of dolls and camera gear was more tiring than I was expecting. Which I think disappointed the much younger MrCool, which his name must suggest, as only a young person would use such an alias. He wanted to climb down to the river and waterfall to take some photos, but by the time we’d walked there I just wasn’t up to the task. I think however MrCool and I should go to Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area, as the waterfall there was larger as it’s right off the Niagara Escarpment.

quickie-4.128-08 quickie-4.128-09quickie-4.128-10 quickie-4.128-11quickie-4.128-12 quickie-4.128-13

We had some fun posing Horo on a bent tree, trying to make her look as though she was running, or sliding down it, with some success I think. Unfortunately her braided ring thing somewhat ruins the apparently motion that might otherwise be there, but oh well. We had our fun.

Things to note however if you plan to visit these places with a Dollfie dressed like Alice was, thighhighs and a skirt. The Cheltenham Badlands can leave a reddish/brown stain, though most of it was able to be washed away some remained and will need to be stain treated. More importantly though, that tree she was sitting on with Horo stained her far worse, nice big black stains on her bum. I didn’t think nature would stain so quickly! I guess I’ve generally only taken photos in nature with full covered dolls, this was the first time with exposed skin. Live and learn!


Note to self: If you want the sky to show up in photos, don’t use center weighted average against a black outfit. D’oh!~

Bonus Content: Some of MrCool’s shots from the day.

A close up of Horo and Alice, unlike me, MrCool managed to not overexpose the sky. Good job!


Getting Yukino to balance on this rock was fun. MrCool got her balanced once, as did I once, but eventually I just held her up and then let go quickly so he could get a photo, then caught her. A technique we later used to get Horo running.


MrCool Also ventured down towards the river in another section of the provincial park. I wasn’t willing to walk through the marshy area to get to that spot and focused on my bent over tree shots. Funnily enough, after taking photos in these spots, which were hard to get to, we walked not 5 minutes further and found a much easier place to use. But we’d already got our photos… So we continued on.



  1. Smithy says:

    Nice photos! Those landscapes fit Horo’s character perfectly, especially the woods.

    • Aka says:

      Yeah, I really should spend some more time in forested areas getting photos of Horo.


  2. hamstercorp says:

    Maybe you’ll have to start carrying around some cellophane or something like that to use as a…well, like a condom. I think otherwise the idea of getting stains and whatnot on something expensive like a doll would prompt me to never take it outside.

    • Aka says:

      There’s only one place I worry about receiving a stain, and that’s their faces. Since to treat stains I’d end up ruining their faceup (paint). But generally the rest of their body is treatable and replaceable if needed. Of course, it’s much easier and cheaper to take precautions, but up until now I’d been quite lucky.

      Nearly everything stains the vinyl material they’re made out of, including many (most?) of the clothes you can get for them. Up until now I’ve really not received too many stains, so I guess I’ve gotten less careful. They do however make body stockings, of which I have one for Horo, but I don’t have one for Alice yet as I haven’t seen any for her Semi-White skin yet.

      All said, if it came down to deciding to leave them at home vs take them out and get stained. I’d take them out every time. I didn’t buy them to leave at home.

      The cellophane might be a good idea to have, but another might just be to have like, a doll sized towel or sheet to lay down. And just pretend Alice isn’t as cool with the outdoors as Horo.

      Anyhoo~ Stains aren’t the end of the world.