Cheltenham Badlands & Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

4 thoughts on “Cheltenham Badlands & Forks of the Credit Provincial Park”

  1. Maybe you’ll have to start carrying around some cellophane or something like that to use as a…well, like a condom. I think otherwise the idea of getting stains and whatnot on something expensive like a doll would prompt me to never take it outside.

    1. There’s only one place I worry about receiving a stain, and that’s their faces. Since to treat stains I’d end up ruining their faceup (paint). But generally the rest of their body is treatable and replaceable if needed. Of course, it’s much easier and cheaper to take precautions, but up until now I’d been quite lucky.

      Nearly everything stains the vinyl material they’re made out of, including many (most?) of the clothes you can get for them. Up until now I’ve really not received too many stains, so I guess I’ve gotten less careful. They do however make body stockings, of which I have one for Horo, but I don’t have one for Alice yet as I haven’t seen any for her Semi-White skin yet.

      All said, if it came down to deciding to leave them at home vs take them out and get stained. I’d take them out every time. I didn’t buy them to leave at home.

      The cellophane might be a good idea to have, but another might just be to have like, a doll sized towel or sheet to lay down. And just pretend Alice isn’t as cool with the outdoors as Horo.

      Anyhoo~ Stains aren’t the end of the world.

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