Toronto Doll Meet 14.4: Last Meet before Anime North

April is a busy month for many of the crew who attend the Toronto doll meets. Between Easter and preparing for Anime North, weekends are just as busy as weekdays. So scheduling becomes an issue for some and as such pushed us right back to the last day of the last weekend in April.

This months meet was set to take place in the party room at CenturyStory’s condo. I wasn’t sure what to expect since the building is brand new and wasn’t on Google Maps yet, and the directions to get in and the limitations for parking made it one of the more complicated meets, at least on paper. It also meant it was a potluck, which if I’m honest isn’t my favourite idea. But, it turned out well, lots of good food. Though no one seemed too interested in the Sicilian pasta I brought. That’s fair though, I didn’t make mine, I bought it. Everyone else put in the effort, but cooking really isn’t my forté.

The party room itself was actually much larger than I thought it would be. I’d never been to the party room of a condo before, but I’d peered in some in the past and none seemed as nice as this one. I suppose party rooms in old condos can’t compare with brand new ones. The biggest problem with the party room seemed to be this one light that hung over a chair. I think everyone hit their head on it at least once.

Around the back of the room was a restaurant style booth and table layout with a neat lighting arrangement behind the bench seats. So that’s where all the dolls were set up. Unfortunately this was also a pretty dark area of the room, which was made all the more unfortunate because I’d decided not to pack my flash due to some space constraints in the new way I’d chosen to bring Alice and Horo. I did have a tripod, but only used it for a couple shots because I didn’t feel like moving tables and chairs constantly. So this meant lots of hand held shots at between 1/4th and 1/60th of a second at f/1.8 – f/5.6. The VR on my 18-200 saved me many times.


From left to right we have MrCool’s Yukino, XSNRGE’s Saber Extra, Tanu-chan’s Kachiro, Tallen’s Emiko, Anime North’s Momiji, Nkei’s Kotone and Kohane, CenturyStory’s Prim, di-chan123’s  Sakura, PlasticFantastic’s Nanako and Amber, di-chan123’s Saber Lily and Yoko, my Kuonji Alice and Horo, and Nkei’s Kanako. (I hope I got them right)


Saber Extra appears to be standing pretty confidently with Yukino’s arm wrapped around her. Hmmm!


I don’t think Kachiro looks at the camera in any photos I have.


Unfortunately it would seem I didn’t get a perfectly clear shot of these two. But at least there’s more of Momiji later on, sorry Emiko.


Nkei’s bunnygirls are super cute (or as XSNRGE kept saying SUPER KAWAII! </manly voice>). They were also at my second ever Dollfie meet a year ago. Dressed differently, but still maintaining their pink and blue colours.

toronto-doll-meet-14.4-06 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-07 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-08

Both of them had one of these as well.


Prim and Sakura stood next to the bunnygirls. I like Prim’s Kimono, I’d like to get Horo and/or Alice one as well. And a Qipao for either one or both as well.

toronto-doll-meet-14.4-10 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-11 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-12

Funny story, I saw Nanako at the meet and just automatically liked her. It wasn’t until hours later when PlasticFantastic pointed out we had two 07s together that I even noticed she was an 07 head just like Horo. Those photos are later though. Next to Nanako is the dollfie that sold me on the hobby, Amber. Though, without the ears and tail she had a year and a month ago. So sad, but still cute. One day I’ll take her home with me.

toronto-doll-meet-14.4-13 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-14 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-15

Despite being along side everyone and resting her head on Yoko’s, Alice kind of got left out in a couple of ways. Some of it even on purpose; that wasn’t nice of me. Seeing Yoko next to Alice is just like one of those trope scenes in an anime, flat chest vs tit goblin. Really exaggerates Alice’s flatness. Something else I noticed while processing the shots, Alice’s shorts look kind of transparent. You can see the black pantyhose through them. Ooops.


Horo holds lunch a bunny along side Kanako. Nkei moved right in and placed the two fox girls together. A cute thought, but I wonder what Horo would have thought of being considered a fox. Remember how I said Alice was sort of left out? You know, like 5 seconds ago? I love how she’s just peeking into this first photo.

toronto-doll-meet-14.4-17 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-18 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-19 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-20

Finally the sun comes out again (sort of) and we head out to the patio just outside the party room. It was a nice setup, but the building being brand new, the yard just beyond it was all dirt still. The patio however had lots of furniture and such so we made use of those. PlasticFantastic’s husband once again took the initiative to pose the dolls, and I just snapped photos. Yukino however was posed by MrCool himself, as he demanded I take photos of her without payment, because he didn’t think to charge his battery ahead of time. 😛

toronto-doll-meet-14.4-21 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-22 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-23 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-24 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-25

Here’s where we had two 07s with the same faceup even side by side, and all I thought was “she’s cute” rather than “she looks just like Horo”. Funny that. PlasticFantastic’s husband also complained that Horo has no boobs and that was causing her shirt to look funny at certain angles. I like her s-bust thankyouverymuch! I like how confident Horo looks claiming these two as her own.

toronto-doll-meet-14.4-26 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-27 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-28 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-29

Amber service.

toronto-doll-meet-14.4-31 toronto-doll-meet-14.4-30

A cute shot of Momiji with the city filling out the background.


And finally, di-chan123 pokes a finger between Saber Extra’s breasts. Something many people would probably want to do, possibly with a different finger.


I wanted to bring Nkei’s Kanako out and get some photos with Horo, but I never feel comfortable handling other peoples dolls. So in the end I never bothered. At some point though I should get a bunch of girls with tails in one shot. I wonder how a nine tailed dollfie would look? I guess I’ll keep that idea on the backburner for now.

Due to Anime North next month there wont be a meet up, and because I wont be attending Doll North at Anime North, I wont get to see everyone until probably June. Perhaps the weather will take a turn for the better and stop raining at some point in May and I’ll be able to get Horo and Alice out for some spring shots in the mean time.



  1. Smithy says:

    Looks like a good time and fun doll meet, a nice gathering of lots of cute DD especially though. Quite like how you all were able to pose them for a group shot and then venture outside for some individual shots.

    Oh and “flat chest vs tit goblin”, that’s just epic! XD

    If you would like some better/tighter fitting shirts for Horo & Alice then I recommend you try an MSD sized shirt on them instead of the more default SD size.
    Wasn’t pleased with the look of some basic SD sized shirts, so took the risk and got some MSD sized shirts from Nine9Style: or

    • Aka says:

      Oh those shirts look good. I don’t mind the baggier look on Horo and Alice, but I might try some of those out. Though part of the reason I like the baggier shirts is they don’t show the nipples through them. I might just sand them down though eventually and be done with it.

      I should have spent more time outside getting shots. But after PlasticFantastic’s husband went back inside, I’d lost my choreographer? So I followed.

      Thanks for the idea.

  2. Chun says:

    Looks like a fun meet! Loving all the doll photos 🙂 great job!