Toronto Doll Meet 14.4: Last Meet before Anime North

4 thoughts on “Toronto Doll Meet 14.4: Last Meet before Anime North”

  1. Looks like a good time and fun doll meet, a nice gathering of lots of cute DD especially though. Quite like how you all were able to pose them for a group shot and then venture outside for some individual shots.

    Oh and “flat chest vs tit goblin”, that’s just epic! XD

    If you would like some better/tighter fitting shirts for Horo & Alice then I recommend you try an MSD sized shirt on them instead of the more default SD size.
    Wasn’t pleased with the look of some basic SD sized shirts, so took the risk and got some MSD sized shirts from Nine9Style: or

    1. Oh those shirts look good. I don’t mind the baggier look on Horo and Alice, but I might try some of those out. Though part of the reason I like the baggier shirts is they don’t show the nipples through them. I might just sand them down though eventually and be done with it.

      I should have spent more time outside getting shots. But after PlasticFantastic’s husband went back inside, I’d lost my choreographer? So I followed.

      Thanks for the idea.

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