House Sitting

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  1. Alice’s face is really growing on me. I like how the has a pronounced expression, and it really suits the pose in the last set of photos!

    1. Tell me about it. I’m to the point where I’m considering making Alice into Horo because I’m liking her too much. Though the expression really wouldn’t fit…

      I think the last set of photos could have been improved if I pointed Alice’s eyes at the camera, or at least towards it. But I’ve yet to even remove them, so they’ve still got the original glue instead of silicone holding them in. Maybe in the future I’ll start playing with eye direction.

  2. Looks like you a had a nice time photographing Horo & Alice. Love the lighting in the first set.

    About Horo’s head being large, that impression may be reinforced because of her side bangs being a bit further to the side of her face, plus they are long & straight.
    But DD necks could (should?) be a few mm shorter…

    Shooting with a f/3.5 max 18-200mm lens? That’s challenging if you want to do portrait style shots with plenty of bokeh. I wouldn’t want to give up my 50mm prime lens for that anymore (would love to try 35mm though).

    1. I used nearly my whole set of lenses for the first set of shots. 35 mm f/1.8 prime, 50 mm f/1.8 prime, 105 mm f/2.8 prime, and then the 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 VR lens. The 105mm shots came out much more pale than the rest due to how the light hit the lens, but I managed to compensate in Lightroom and produce similar results. Such that I can’t remember which shots they were…

      There are a couple things I wish DDs did better or had changed. Overall I’m happy with them of course, but being able to look up would be nice, or necks that work properly in general. Their heads only ever tilt at the top of the neck rather than the whole neck, despite the skeleton inside allowing such, the vinyl really doesn’t. But looking up is my biggest peeve. The only way to do it is to basically have their heads nearly come off, unless you buy a silicone bust, or cut a portion of the neck. Anyway…

      I remember the 07 head that Horo’s based on being quite a large head, but I’m not sure really in terms of it’s size vs Alice’s. So you could be right about the hair causing it, she’s got a thicker wig, she’s got the ears on there, she’s got longer hair framing her face, the combination of which could very well make her head look big.

      Oh yes, I also liked the lighting in the first set. Those golden browns, it’s like perfectly cooked french toast! So delicious.

  3. I think I want to see more pictures of them in those school outfits. They look pretty cute in them.

    1. Excellent! 😀 If you can think of any ideas for more school outfit shots shoot them my way. Just keep in mind that I only have those two so far. So there’s that limitation.

      Horo’s is actually reasonably canon, in that, Ayakura Jyuu produced a couple illustrations where she’s wearing one. I’m not sure it ever actually applies in the story, but official illustrations are the next best thing. There are a couple things wrong with it and missing but close enough for now!

  4. Since you already said it, I won’t harass you about the technical details of Horo’s uniform.

    It does suit her.

    I enjoy seeing your work.

    Now, is that fair to Alice? Also, two Horos… would you be able to handle her?

    Oh, and since you mentioned it, how did the Mennonites rub you wrong?

    1. It probably wouldn’t be two Horo’s, they’d probably exchange roles. Though, I’ve already had them both dressed as Horo in the past. But didn’t do any interesting photos, was just to see what it would look like.

      I know that you’ve already seen in the other post, but just so it doesn’t look like I ignored your question. The answer is in Quickie 4.102.

      1. Oh, by the way… I was wondering, did Horo get a new torso? Some of the new images would seem to suggest it.

      2. You’re an observant one. I recently got her an S-bust like Alice has. I’ll keep the M-bust for the clothing that requires bigger breasts, but generally she’ll have the s-bust in smaller or tighter clothes from now on. As I think she should.

        Originally I’d gone with the M-bust because every Dollfie owner told me I’d regret getting an S-bust because they were sad. But after getting Alice I realized this was not the case. That said, there are a bunch of outfits out there that just don’t fit s-busts (too loose, low cut, require proper ‘support’ or cleavage), so it’s nice to have both. She’ll never have anything larger than M-bust though.

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