Toronto Doll Meet 14.2: Valentine’s

This winter has kind of sucked, it’s been too cold much of the time and made me generally unwilling to go outside for tasks like photography. Even though I’ve wanted to for quite some time. But, a group gathering will always get me out and about despite the weather. Visited the Toronto Dollfie crew once again, this time at Go for Tea in Markham.

Surprisingly, despite the weather and seemingly less accessible location than normal (no subway), there was quite a good turn out. I didn’t get a total count on how many showed up, but the number of dolls was 22 I believe, one doll was missing from the group shot but was photographed later below. The theme was supposed to be Valentine’s Day but unfortunately none of the outfits Horo and Alice have seem very Vday-ish. So instead I opted to dress Alice up as a Dark Horo or Horo Alter. Using Horo’s backup TaoBao outfit along with Alice’s black top from her alternate, a black cat tail, and some pantyhose I feel she made a pretty cute Horo Alter. Horo was dressed a little bit differently from usual as well, though in ways no one could see. She had on the thighhighs from Alice’s alternate outfit which I find quite sexy, instead of her usual faux brown leather pants.

Thanks to XOHimitsuOX both Alice and Horo have alcoholic beverages to enjoy. Alice a blue curacao and vodka and Horo a good porter. Unfortunately I was their DD, so I had an apple tea myself.

toronto-doll-meet-14.2-01 toronto-doll-meet-14.2-02

XSNRGE got a little creative with the arts and crafts for his Saber Extra and gave her a red heart shaped box of chocolates.

toronto-doll-meet-14.2-03 toronto-doll-meet-14.2-04 toronto-doll-meet-14.2-05

Meo brought out two customs, an MDD he’s yet to name and Manami who had a neat mouth. Usually customs with big open happy smiles have a flat appearance, but his is actually sculpted and has a movable tongue and stuff. I’d never seen a dollfie like that before.

toronto-doll-meet-14.2-06 toronto-doll-meet-14.2-08


Three girls were wearing Volks’ bear outfits at the meet. PlasticFantastic’s Mio in the white bear outfit, nkei’s “Sir” Leone, a heterochromia’d Saber Extra in the brown bear outfit, and another of PlasticFantastic’s, Haruka, in another brown bear outfit.

toronto-doll-meet-14.2-09 toronto-doll-meet-14.2-10

PlasticFantastic wasn’t content with bringing just Mio, Haruka, and a Cirno (forgot to photograph her, but she’s in the group shot), no, she also brought Nia along as well. On the right is Poiyo’s M.O.M.O. wearing Volks’ cute new beige coat and a bunny ear hat she made. She also made the cat ear hat my Alice was wearing above.

toronto-doll-meet-14.2-11 toronto-doll-meet-14.2-12

A couple little resins showed up as well, I’m pretty sure the pink haired one was Minty’s, not sure whose the other was or if both were hers. I believe Minty has also pre-ordered a Miku which I look forward to seeing in person eventually.


nkei’s another one who brought a couple dolls, “Sir” Leone in the bear outfit above as well was the twins Kokoro and Ai, both are Marikos. Next to the twins is one of MrCools girls, Yukino and below is Tallen’s Emiko and another of MrCools, Harumi.

toronto-doll-meet-14.2-14 toronto-doll-meet-14.2-15

Agent Panda brought two MDDs, pictured is Mallie, unfortunately I didn’t catch a photo of her Penny but she’s left of Cirno and in front of Haruka in the group shot.


And lastly, some little papercraft cats made by CenturyStory I believe Tallen. Also missed a shot of CenturyStory’s Saber Alter based Prim, who can be seen in the group shot in the back row between Tallen’s Emiko and PlasticFantastic’s Haruka.


As with every other meet, time flew by way too quickly and I didn’t get a chance to talk with everyone. And unfortunately due to the weather and traffic I spent about as much time in the car as I did at the meet. Really can’t wait for summer when I can use my motorcycle again. I’ll have to figure out how to carry both Alice and Horo though.

To keep the names straight in this post I had to make myself a guide.


Back at home, after the meet.


  1. The papercraft were made by Tallen :3

  2. Smithy says:

    That’s a pretty nice gathering of cute DD. Sounds like you had a good time. 🙂