Kuonji Alice

Just before my trip to British Columbia near the end of October Kuonji Alice arrived as my second Dollfie Dream. I hadn’t really intended to get a second Dollfie so soon, but it happened, and here she is.

I really enjoyed taking photos of Horo throughout Colorado, one Dollfie was quite adequate and consumed enough space on the motorcycle that at the time I didn’t feel I really needed a second. However, after returning home and colder weather approached, less motorcycling, I’d started to wonder about a couple things. Horo is great, but she can only always be Horo (to me), which while not a problem per se does limit what I felt I could do with her. Dressing her up in ways that didn’t befit Horo seemed awkward and I really wanted to play around more with styles and attributes like eyes and hair. This meant getting another doll, one not based on a character. Now, of course Kuonji Alice is a character from a series, but to me she’s just Alice, my Frankenstein.


When I first started in the Dollfie Dream hobby Alice was soon to be available via Volks’ lottery. I had no opinion of Alice at this time really until the Dollfie Dream IRC channel linked this photo off Instagram. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything, but allowed me to see Alice in a different light. So I entered the lottery for her, and “lost”, I was a little bummed but it wasn’t a big loss. However as time went on and I saw more photos of her, I liked what people were doing with her, especially Eveyamori. So when Alice was once again available via Volks’ Lottery, I entered for her once again, and had some friends enter for her as well. I “lost” again. By this point I was tired of “losing” and was willing to purchase via proxy and Yahoo Japan Auctions. I do think I was a tad hasty in making the decision to get her after “losing” but I don’t regret it, and I managed to get her for a reasonable price even after proxy fees.


Immediately after receiving Alice I took off to British Columbia. This became a bit of a problem however. Carrying two Dollfies on vacation is quite the chore, I’d never done that, heck I’d never even posed two together before. Never the less, I flew off to British Columbia with her and Horo, not sure how I’d manage the two of them. The two of them together were great fun to play with but the time required to pose them and the effort was considerable. Horo had already taken a lot of my time when on the motorcycle in Colorado, but with two and family rushing me to get my photos it really felt like two is the limit.

alice-04 alice-05

Talking more specifically about Alice herself, I’m quite fond of her semi-white skin, the shape of her eyes, her tiny mouth, and the matching faceup. Ultimately that’s all I bought her for, I’m happy she came as a complete doll so that I didn’t have to buy wigs and eyes etc immediately, but I’m not a fan of her nun-like appearance in her default outfit, even if she is adorable in it. It’s not a bad outfit, and I’ll definitely use it throughout the winter because of the capelet, hat, and gloves that comes with it just work so well. But without them she looks like a nun. Albeit a bit of a kinky nun who wears black thighhighs and kneehigh boots. That part I’m quite fond of as well. Another part of her I’m rather fond of are her small breasts, and I don’t mean that in my usual pervy kind of way, though that too. When building Horo I was told to avoid s-busts because they were “sad” and too small for many clothes. Seeing Alice’s and how well they work with certain outfits, I might buy Horo an s-bust for future outfits that aren’t already tailored for her m-bust or require cleavage.

alice-06 alice-07

Before ever even really considering Alice I’d agreed to buy Alice’s alternative outfit off a friend, Archangeli. The plan was to use it on Horo originally but as frequently happens plans don’t always work out as you’d expect. So I also have Alice’s alt outfit and much prefer this outfit to the nun outfit. My only complaints are that Alice needs a bra, or it looks like she’s quite cold, and the necklace that comes with it is both ultra old fashioned and not my taste, and doesn’t seem to have any symmetry, so it looks awkward to me. The thighhighs that come with this outfit are also semi-transparent like pantyhose and I quite like the look. Her default thighhighs in the nun outfit look thicker and like they might actually keep her legs warm in the winter, where these are clearly just for appearances.

alice-08alice-09 alice-10alice-11

I know that in the future I’ll likely end up collecting more Dollfies, I don’t think I could stop myself. But I do wonder how I’ll manage trips in the future, especially on the motorcycle. Most of the enjoyment I get from them is photographing them, so leaving some behind would be counter productive to my enjoyment. So while I’d like to get Tohsaka Rin, Saber Alter, Airy Ardet, make a custom Eruru out of an 06 perhaps, maybe even an MDD Aruru if I were so inclined, Aozaki Aoko, and whatever else, I’m not sure how to justify it to myself if I can’t take photos of them fairly regularly. In the meantime however, I’m quite happy with Horo and Alice, and enjoy the pseudo yuri relationship they seem to have together. As I’ve said elsewhere, Alice belongs to Horo.

Sometimes I imagine that I’m Alice, because I get jealous…


alice-12alice-13 alice-14


  1. azed says:

    Alice is a cutie…like the contrast dark hair and eyes/white skin of her
    Holo looks great in her jeans, nice.

    it seems you dollfie addiction is beginning lol

    • Aka says:

      It is indeed beginning. That said, for now Alice will fulfill the desire to experiment more, where Horo will remain Horo. Even if she’s in jeans. I love those tiny little jeans.

      Plus they can share clothes!

      • Rajura says:

        I want to see Horo in that sweater/skirt combo… and other stuff as your collection grows.

        You are right… those pearls are a bit off. Looks like whoever did them did not have symmetry in mind and maybe even look a bit rushed. Oh well, you’ll just have to buy Horo a new set of pearls, which she deserves!

        • Aka says:

          I’m not a fan of pearl necklaces. They just seem old fashioned and ugly.

          The clothes will definitely fit Horo, but I think I’ll wait till I get her a bra or a smaller bust. The nipples will point out more on Horo than Alice due to the stretching of the shirt between s-bust and m-bust. And I’m not a fan of that look.

          The alternative is to just shave/sand off the nipples.

  2. Looking at illustrations of Alice in the casual outfit don’t seem to show her wearing a symmetrical necklace. Though there’s quite a lot of a-symmetrical necklaces out there (etsy shows many examples) so I don’t find it overly unusual.

    I’m still amused at how quickly you caved to DD #2. :3

    • Aka says:

      I guess it’s not really a question of whether it’s usual or not, or even accurate. I just really don’t like asymmetrical things. Like, it annoys me my motorcycle only has one exhaust on the right side, and that the one side case sticks out further on that side too. They could have made it symmetrical but chose not to. And that means I need to watch how I pack a bit more. But that’s neither here nor there…

      I’ll be honest, I’m surprised how quickly I caved. But Horo needed a friend, and I needed someone I could experiment on. The urge for a 3rd really isn’t there though, not yet anyway.

      The urge to buy clothes however…