Kuonji Alice

6 thoughts on “Kuonji Alice”

  1. Alice is a cutie…like the contrast dark hair and eyes/white skin of her
    Holo looks great in her jeans, nice.

    it seems you dollfie addiction is beginning lol

    1. It is indeed beginning. That said, for now Alice will fulfill the desire to experiment more, where Horo will remain Horo. Even if she’s in jeans. I love those tiny little jeans.

      Plus they can share clothes!

      1. I want to see Horo in that sweater/skirt combo… and other stuff as your collection grows.

        You are right… those pearls are a bit off. Looks like whoever did them did not have symmetry in mind and maybe even look a bit rushed. Oh well, you’ll just have to buy Horo a new set of pearls, which she deserves!

      2. I’m not a fan of pearl necklaces. They just seem old fashioned and ugly.

        The clothes will definitely fit Horo, but I think I’ll wait till I get her a bra or a smaller bust. The nipples will point out more on Horo than Alice due to the stretching of the shirt between s-bust and m-bust. And I’m not a fan of that look.

        The alternative is to just shave/sand off the nipples.

  2. Looking at illustrations of Alice in the casual outfit don’t seem to show her wearing a symmetrical necklace. Though there’s quite a lot of a-symmetrical necklaces out there (etsy shows many examples) so I don’t find it overly unusual.

    I’m still amused at how quickly you caved to DD #2. :3

    1. I guess it’s not really a question of whether it’s usual or not, or even accurate. I just really don’t like asymmetrical things. Like, it annoys me my motorcycle only has one exhaust on the right side, and that the one side case sticks out further on that side too. They could have made it symmetrical but chose not to. And that means I need to watch how I pack a bit more. But that’s neither here nor there…

      I’ll be honest, I’m surprised how quickly I caved. But Horo needed a friend, and I needed someone I could experiment on. The urge for a 3rd really isn’t there though, not yet anyway.

      The urge to buy clothes however…

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