Quickie 3.362: A Christmas Tail

The dress Horo’s wearing was originally intended to be her Oktoberfest dress as illustrated by Koume Keito. However it came out a little bit too shiny and Christmasy for that which made it perfect for this time of year! You may also notice that Horo has a new tail, Horo 1.2!~ Not quite a 2.0, but an update with new features! It’s poseable!

I was surfing deviantART one day for Spice & Wolf illustrations and photos and came across the user Black-Heart-Always who made yarn tails for people to wear. These were of course far too big for doll size Horo however I emailed her anyway wondering if she could make a smaller version. Black-Heart-Always was more than happy to produce the 15″ tail I requested and even suggested the perfect colour scheme as she’d produced something similar in the past, albeit 24″ in size. I did however make a special request, I wanted a wire put inside the tail so that Horo would finally have a tail that didn’t just obey the whims of gravity. Black-Heart-Always was once again happy to accept my request.

Horo admires her new tail.

I did have some concerns regarding the new tail though. Horo’s original real fox tail had proven to be extremely durable, even after the cat massacred it and I had to sew it back together. I’d really never taken care of it at all, I’d just do whatever I wanted and it accepted it and always looked great. I worried that the yarn tail wouldn’t be able to live up to my lack of care and, to some extent it doesn’t. It definitely requires work to maintain, requiring a brushing and lots of adjustments for photos. But as Horo herself points out in the series, a tail requires care, and the poseability outweighs everything so far for me. And perhaps more importantly, every single person who sees her new tail thinks it’s superior in every possible way to her old one. So who am I to argue? It’s definitely more canon.

quickie-3.362-a-christmas-tail-06 Decorating the tree. Decorating the tree. Horo needed a booster seat.

My mother really seems to enjoy the holidays, and as such goes all out when it comes to decorating her house and the Christmas tree. Because of this I definitely needed to bring Horo along with me to try and get some photos with her Christmas dress and the tree at the very least. Holidays are always busy with family and friends visiting and socializing but I managed to find some time in between it all to snap a couple shots without someone bugging me too much about playing with dolls.

Hope you had a Happy Holidays! If not, next year is just around the corner!


PS: So jealous of Alice in this last photo.

Alice belongs to Horo.


  1. Smithy says:

    That new tail for Horo is really gorgeous, it really makes this DD incarnation of her even more spot on. With that new improved, pose-able tail and the oktoberfest outfit she’s a perfect fit for Christmas photos.
    Looking forward to more photos of her in the future. Happy Holidays! ^^

  2. Quazacolt says:

    like the new tail 😀

    btw consider hair shampoo (those 2/3 in 1 conditioner shampoos) + hair dryer on cold setting on the new tail?

    looks a little stiff to me

    • Aka says:

      The tail has a wire inside it, it’s kind of supposed to be stiff. Due to how it attaches to her right now (not very well) it’s hard to be too creative with it since it’ll just fall over. I need some proper mounting.

  3. Quazacolt says:

    oh i’m referring to the fur itself… stiff was probably not the right word ^^;

  4. Rajura says:

    She looks wonderful!

    I love her enhanced tail… maybe some new ears coming soon?

    Any upgrades or outfits other than what we have seen or of which we have had previews?

    I love the tail preening picture at the top and the shots that made full use of her tail’s new-found range of motion.

    • Aka says:


      I currently have no plans for improvement right now, or outfits. I’ve got some ideas for some other things but I’ve been ultra lazy and really should get cracking on them.

      Still need to find a way to better mount her tail so the range of motion is extended. Currently it’s limited to where I can balance it, as it’s just hanging off a ribbon tied around her waist.

      • Vitap says:

        Have you found a better way to mount Horo’s tail? My girl also has a heavy tail and she’s suffering from the same problem as Horo.

        Your Horo looks gorgeous, btw!

        • Aka says:

          Thanks! <3

          Unfortunately I haven't found a better way. Many people have suggested magnets but I worry they wouldn't be strong enough for the leverage the tail would end up having.

          I've also considered modifying the lower torso and perhaps drilling a hole and using a stiff peg or something. In general though I've mostly just forgotten about the problem.

  5. azed says:

    wow the tail seems fabulous and the new “playability” very fun !

    I am starting to consider that all the money you spent is not a lot considering the amazing results you get and thinking about a cop..err replicate of your horo 😉

    thanks for the great shots, it give me good inspirations for my own “horo project” (and very nice collection you have by the way, volks PVC horo is one of my grail)

    • Aka says:

      I do enjoy playing with her tail tail, usually I’m wrapping it around Alice, my other dollfie lol.

      By all means make your own Horo, I’d love to see her. I can link you to a couple others that I know of for further inspiration. There’s Daniel Ting’s Horo, and YuanMori’s.

      I think there’s only one production Horo figure I’m missing, GEE! Limited release.

      • Rajura says:

        I thought that you didn’t need that one, haha.

        How much you willing to spend… I can always try to find one for you. But, I’m not parting with mine!

      • azed says:

        thanks for the links, I already know them (links and picture preciously archived). I am still wondering how it come that there is no more horo custom dollfie…

        well for the moment it’s just a distant dream project…

        good luck for you GEE! pvc quest 🙂 (saw it at plamoya 59k yen, lol)

        • Aka says:

          Yeah I probably wont be bothering with the GEE! pvc horo, too expensive and I’m just not willing to spend that much on figures. The rest I got as they were originally sold, so I paid retail minus discounts. To then pay well above retail WELL above just seems ludicrous. Yes, even after buying a dollfie lol

  6. azed says:

    PS : and sorry for my bad english

  7. otakusan says:

    All the hard work put in, I’m glad i get to finally see her in person this last doll meet ^^

    • Aka says:

      😀 Was good seeing you again. Little bit colder this time however, Toronto Island was pretty nice. Glad you enjoyed Horo, I’ll get those photos I mentioned at the meet to you… When I’m willing to remove Alice from Horo’s grasp.