British Columbia

The fifth day of the 7 day trip was the last day I had time to take photos on, as we’d be moving my sister in to her new place in British Columbia and all the various things involved with that, and a big family dinner. Rather I suppose I should say, I took photos, but not the kind I share on

We ventured out along the mountains through fog, under fog, over fog, and here’s what I captured.

The clouds stay above and near the mountains. You can see the fog follow the tree line down to the ground. Much of the fog stays atop the trees. Once again the fog sticks to the trees and above the mountains. All the fog seems to be headed for Pemberton.

For a while it just seemed to be following the mountains, ribbons of fog all around.

The boardwalk around One Mile lake.

Then we arrived at this little lake outside of Pemberton called One Mile Lake. There was a boardwalk all around the lake so you could walk around and enjoy it, and paths that went through the nearby forest as well. The fog and the clouds really worked their magic in these photos.

Almost decided to photoshop out those powerlines and cars. The fog really made this seem like a magical place. Even more magical now that Horo and Alice are there, am I right or am I right? eh?

Along the forest path I made the attempt to make Horo and Alice look as though they were walking along it. Sadly people kept walking by with their dogs and I had to keep moving lest they be knocked over. So the posing once again was compromised, and while I think Alice looks like she’s walking, Horo however, her legs are too far apart and too planted on the ground. Oh well, you probably wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t point it out.

Alice and Horo go for a little stroll around One Mile lake. The path was quite active, lots of people walking dogs and jogging. Alice and Horo weren't bothered by it. While they were walking, a little dog was terrified to walk past Horo. He knew. Horo explains the role of the alpha to Alice.

I didn't get to walk down this path. Next time.

And that’s the end of the photo aspect of my trip. It was now time to head back to the Vancouver airport and catch my plane. I’d booked my plane to leave 5 minutes before my mothers so we could go to the airport at the same time and things would work out better, less waiting around for either of us since there was only one rental vehicle. We make good time getting to Vancouver despite the GPS giving wonky directions that made us take a wrong exit/road. Once we got past Stanley Park on BC-99 the ‘fastest’ route, there was a Santa Claus parade happening. It would go from Cardero St, to Howe st, to Davie St. The precise route we’d have to take through the city to get to the Airport. Instead, us and many other cars are forced onto side streets that are all stopped. Now apparently BC-99 is not really a main route like say a GPS might inform you it is, it’s definitely a downtown city road, and Vancouver is a terribly poorly executed city with regards to quick routes to it’s airport. Thankfully despite this parade on a main road, we did manage to arrive at the airport in time to catch our flights. The self-serve kiosks even worked fine! AND! My Airbus A320-200 that sounded like death on takeoff had power! So I had a great flight home.

I think I need to stop visiting places that are better than On-terrible (Ontario), it really makes On-terrible seem worse than it is.


PS: Even the cheque the airline sent me for the refund somehow ended up at another address and had to be re-mailed. The people who received it opened it, realized it wasn’t theirs, left a note inside saying they’d opened it by accident and didn’t remove anything and to call them if there were any issues. That was nice of them. But seriously, how did everything relating to that one flight get so screwed up and delayed? Super unlucky!


  1. Rajura says:

    Well, I’m glad you had a safe trip… and that you were able to get some nice shots.

    BC is somewhere else that I have not been that I would like to see.

    I hope this doesn’t come out wrong, but it makes me feel better to know that somewhere else in the developed world besides the US has been known to have donked-up air travel service from time to time (sorry it happened to you though).

    Let’s see some more Horo shots.

    Oh and shooting targets is a great activity. Once, one of my friends had explosive targets.
    Those were cool, but I didn’t mess with those. I just looked-on and enjoyed.

    Oh and check ye Skype account… I think I have a couple things still floating in the ether for you (at least it says I do).

    • Aka says:

      British Columbia was awesome, I think I would move out there if given the opportunity.

      All Airlines screw up, I just hope they screw up for others instead of me in the future lol

      I posted all the Horo shots I took really. Didn’t get that much of a chance to take more. 🙁

      I always forget to login to that Skype account (I have two). Do you use Google Hangouts at all? I’m on there everywhere always. Much better place to get a hold of me. You can add me using the email address on the about page of this site.

      • Rajura says:

        Never used Google Hangouts… getting to where I am less than trusting of Google.

        May have to look into though… Will try and leave myself on Skype for a while (just in case you decide to log in).

        Can’t wait to see your final product on your other Horo costume as soon as it is done.

  2. Smithy says:

    Those are some gorgeous photos of the landscape & those lakes in British Columbia. Love the shots of Horo & Alice with those gorgeous backgrounds, great stuff. ^^

    • Aka says:


      I really need to go back and get some more. There was so much unexplored territory and missed photo opportunities.

  3. azed says:

    looking for informations after stumbling on these lovely pictures (, I was “following” your “quest” to ultimate dollfie horo and spending some time reading your adventures on (lol at the “copy accident”, the daughter thing….yeah a bit scary :)) and on reddit.
    So I have a good laugh when looking at your (beautiful) report and seeing a new friend to horo which immediately remind me of this
    (Anyway you have good taste sir, because Alice is freaking gorgeous…) Well at least they had some good points there sometimes…

    • Aka says:

      It would seem I missed your comment until now! I apologize for that!

      Ah yes, the copy incident. What a mistake, I definitely learned a lesson there. Don’t use the word “copy” with the Dollfie crowd, it’s the worst word in existence. I haven’t actually met anyone who openly uses the word daughter to refer to their dolls, usually just ‘girls’, like, “here are my girls”. I can accept that, I’ve started to use it too.

      As for that link… yeah… yeah… I’ll just eat my words, I was so very wrong. But I can attribute some of that change of heart to an aspect of that comment. In it I said I had too many expensive hobbies, after building Horo, I pretty much didn’t order another figure for 8 months, only recently ordering a figure because it was 81% off. So I’ve almost dropped one of those hobbies which made room for Alice. So, while I can’t stand by every word I said, there was still some truth in it.

      And there’s another aspect to it as well, but I addressed that in my post specifically about Alice.

      Again, sorry I didn’t reply until now!