Dollfie Horo in Colorado

I’ve collated all the photos of Dollfie Dream Horo in Colorado into one post, that doesn’t also include all the travel aspects. It seemed a bit mean to ‘force’ people only interested in Horo or Dollfies to go through my whole trip log, all nine pages of it, just to find the photos. So here they are! All fifty-one!

Horo at the top of Rocky Mountain National Park


Horo next to a Geodetic Survey Benchmark (Not Pictured)

colorado-trip-3-12 colorado-trip-3-13

Horo and the curious hummingbird


Horo on the other side of Rocky Mountain National Park


Horo at the top of Pikes Peak

colorado-trip-3-32 colorado-trip-3-31 colorado-trip-3-33 colorado-trip-3-34 colorado-trip-3-35 colorado-trip-3-36

Horo wants a hug (maybe) at the Chicago Basin at Mt Evans


colorado-trip-3-42 colorado-trip-3-43

Horo at the very top of Mt Evans

colorado-trip-3-45 colorado-trip-3-46 colorado-trip-3-47

 Horo where the pavement ends


 Horo sits on my motorcycle


Horo overlooks the start of Big Cimarron Pass

colorado-trip-3-75 colorado-trip-3-76 colorado-trip-3-77

Horo pops out to get a look at Chimney Rock

colorado-trip-3-83 colorado-trip-3-84 colorado-trip-3-85 colorado-trip-3-86 colorado-trip-3-87

Horo sits atop Mesa Verde (Not included in original post)

colorado-trip-3-97 colorado-trip-3-98

Horo views sunset from Mesa Verde

colorado-trip-3-100 colorado-trip-3-101

Horo and the four corners of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado


Horo pops out for at view once again

colorado-trip-3-109 colorado-trip-3-110


 Horo looks back on Telluride


Horo finds my favourite photo spot from my first trip to Colorado

colorado-trip-3-117 colorado-trip-3-118 colorado-trip-3-119

Horo sits next to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison


Horo takes a photo of me in the tent


Horo climbs around the edge of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison (Don’t fall!)

colorado-trip-3-135 colorado-trip-3-136



colorado-trip-3-139 colorado-trip-3-140 colorado-trip-3-141 colorado-trip-3-142

Horo and I visit a friend, Horo poses sexily on his hybrid

colorado-trip-3-151 colorado-trip-3-152

Stuff no one will read because it’s not important

Really, REALLY wish I’d taken more photos of Horo on the trip. Like the too and from photos, rather than just magically getting there, have photos of more of the journey! Ah well, next time.


PS: And maybe fixed her hair more often, rather than rushing.


  1. Quazacolt says:

    nice pictures bro 🙂

  2. korea mam says:

    I want buy this figure how much is it?

    • Aka says:

      Unfortunately she’s not for sale, she’s a custom Dollfie Dream doll I’ve made. To get your own you’ll have to make it yourself. That said you can easily look to spend $1000 to replicate her.