A Theif, a Chair, and a Sewing Lesson

6 thoughts on “A Theif, a Chair, and a Sewing Lesson”

  1. Nice photos of your lovely DD Horo, that lady thief outfit actually suits her well. Some nice poses and shots of her in the chair, I like!

    1. You think so? I was thinking the thief outfit suited girls with darker hair more than Horo, at least as a whole. The partial outfit that she’s wearing in most shots works out rather well though, seems casual enough for the time period. I do wish it had a skirt though rather than culottes, but since Horo doesn’t have any underwear yet, I guess it’s best it’s not a skirt after all 😉

  2. Good stuff man…

    I like the idea of her wardrobe having more skirts and dresses. When in clothes, she always looks her best in those kinds of things.

    When financially feasible, you need to buy her more nice things to wear (day, evening… and especially night).

    1. Are you suggesting I buy her some lingerie? … I’m not against that. But I might need to buy one of these (NSFW) if I do…

      I’ve got more clothes coming down the line. Another commissioned outfit of hers, and whatever I fancy off upcoming dollpa’s and what not. This may interest you as well, working on getting this outfit going.

      1. Dang, I did NOT see that coming… I thought you were gonna have a link to some intimate attire or something. That video further down made me feel… uncomfortable! That person straight-up violated that doll. *shudder*

        You are right. That is a pretty close approximation; very close man. I wanna see the end result once you get that scarf.

      2. Haha, apparently people use that item as a cheap version of silicone hips giving the doll better motion for certain poses. The alternative is I believe Peach Pai hips and they’re hundreds of dollars.

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