Dollfie Horo 1.0

6 thoughts on “Dollfie Horo 1.0”

  1. Yay she’s all together! The ears may be a little too big but they definitely make her more Horo-ish than before.

    BTW is that one set of hands throwing up the horns?

    1. 😀 She’s definitely more Horo-ish!

      They’re the “I love you” sign, but I wish they were horns. I’ll need to figure out how to mod them to be horns.

    1. 😀 I’m super happy with her. Had her at my families place this weekend, they’re not really in with my hobbies but even they loved her. My grandmother especially so. All commenting on her tail, made me feel like I’d done a good job, because they don’t even know the character and how important the tail is!

  2. She is gorgeous… she just needs no human ears… I guess that will have to come in the “Aught Two” version. I prefer a different system. Haha.

    And needs more amber-tinged red eyes.


    1. Horo is a pretty wolf indeed! I’m glad you like Version 1 point oh.

      I’m still not sure on the whole trimming off the human ears bit. I’m worried it will look wrong. In all the illustrations and the anime they just didn’t have to draw them in and could animate or illustrate her hair however they wanted. But without the ears, she might look like an alien from some angles or repulsive or something. I’ll have to experiment with a cheap head at some point perhaps.

      As for the eyes, I don’t recall an illustration that actually has any amber tinge to them. I know they’re described that way, but all the illustrations and animation show just red eyes.

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