Toronto Doll Meet July ’13 – Edwards Garden

Originally this meet up was supposed to take place on Toronto island again, however due to the 41st Festival of India taking place there we opted to go with our backup plan. Then we were reminded that the Honda Indy Toronto race was taking place which would make downtown crazy. And on top of that, there were parades and other festivals, so a last minute change of venue was made and we visited Edwards Garden just off Sunnybrook Park, far away from the downtown core.

Unfortunately after making this change we found out we weren’t allowed to bring food and have a picnic, additionally once arriving there we were told it was a “walking park” and that even setting up an area to sit wasn’t allowed. They did however let us so long as we stayed off the paths and didn’t do anything else “wrong”. The park however was quite nice and I really should have explored more of it, but it just never happened and it gives me more reason to go back, as I really need to take more photos of Dollfie Horo and get more practice posing. In the end I just had PlasticFantastic’s fiancé do the posing because he’s so much better at it.

Before I get to my Horo photos though, Nurlindae’s resin girl had a great outfit that she made herself. The night before. Which I think is amazing. I was holding her (the resin doll, not Nurlindae) earlier in the meet and ‘getting to know’ what a resin doll is like, kind of just assuming it was an outfit that was commissioned or purchased. So I didn’t really ask too many questions. But when we went out to take some photos I asked her where she got it and she told me she made it, I immediately assumed a week of effort at least and was shocked to hear she only made it the night before! Amazing!



Beyond the group shot in the header and Nurlindae’s resin I didn’t really take too many photos of other dolls this time around. I guess I was just excited to have my own out for once, only took me ~4 months O_O. Obviously Dollfie Horo’s not done yet though, there’s still much tweaking to be had. She of course needs her ears, and while I’ve ordered a pair for the immediate future, they’re not really what I’m looking for and are just place holders for the most part until I find or construct some better ones. Additionally her shirt is still incorrect though I do have a potential replacement that should be arriving this week or next, and I’ll compare the two to see which is better. I also had to borrow a pair of shoes from archangeli as I still don’t have any for her. Her tail also needs to be properly attached, currently she’s got a strap-on, tied to a ribbon and then adjusted to look ‘right’. Probably a whole bunch of other things as well, but almost Horo!

toronto-doll-meet-july-2013-05 toronto-doll-meet-july-2013-06 toronto-doll-meet-july-2013-07 toronto-doll-meet-july-2013-08 toronto-doll-meet-july-2013-09 toronto-doll-meet-july-2013-10 toronto-doll-meet-july-2013-11 toronto-doll-meet-july-2013-12 toronto-doll-meet-july-2013-13

Hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll find some time to go out for a visit somewhere and take some more photos of Horo on my own and see what I can’t come up with.

I’m not gonna lie, I was super excited to show Horo off to the rest of the group…



  1. Rajura says:

    She looks pretty good… the costume came out really nice… colour is a bit off and as you mentioned there are a few technical issues, but over all, she came out awesome!

    I agree; she needs wolf ears not human ears… gotta fix that soon man.

    And her eyes… maybe a bit too red, but it’s Horo, so she is forgiven!

    Now, I reaaaaaally “needs me” a life-size one!

    • Aka says:

      Yeah I’m really happy with her, even if she’s not quite where I’d like her to be. I think it’ll be a long project to get to where I want to be, but the current place holder bits and bobs all look reasonably good.

      I’ve ordered a bunch of clothes for her, nothing that she’d ever have worn in the series, but I’d like to try it out anyway. See how it feels, or if I need a second doll to do all that sort of playing around with 😉

  2. Tian says:

    Lovely photos! I really like that last one with the fisheye effect. The doll outfits are super elaborate. I think that Saber Extra one was very well done. Gotta say though, Holo looks pretty weird without the ears XD

    • Aka says:

      I like the fisheye’d one as well, I think it kind of makes her look bigger and more life sized.

      I wondered if I should even photograph her without her ears, but I think even with the ones I’ve ordered she wont look right. It’ll be an ongoing project for a long time I think.

      Saber Extra is actually a character doll produced by Volks, so you can just buy her that way. Horo being a custom means nothing is ever right lol

  3. Otakusan says:

    Wow, good to see that your Horo is coming together so well now ^^ Makes me want to visit TO more and more XD

  4. Heather says:

    New follower here! Found you through archangeli’s post 🙂

    Your custom girl is looking great!