Toronto Doll Meet 13.7: Edwards Garden

8 thoughts on “Toronto Doll Meet 13.7: Edwards Garden”

  1. She looks pretty good… the costume came out really nice… colour is a bit off and as you mentioned there are a few technical issues, but over all, she came out awesome!

    I agree; she needs wolf ears not human ears… gotta fix that soon man.

    And her eyes… maybe a bit too red, but it’s Horo, so she is forgiven!

    Now, I reaaaaaally “needs me” a life-size one!

    1. Yeah I’m really happy with her, even if she’s not quite where I’d like her to be. I think it’ll be a long project to get to where I want to be, but the current place holder bits and bobs all look reasonably good.

      I’ve ordered a bunch of clothes for her, nothing that she’d ever have worn in the series, but I’d like to try it out anyway. See how it feels, or if I need a second doll to do all that sort of playing around with 😉

  2. Lovely photos! I really like that last one with the fisheye effect. The doll outfits are super elaborate. I think that Saber Extra one was very well done. Gotta say though, Holo looks pretty weird without the ears XD

    1. I like the fisheye’d one as well, I think it kind of makes her look bigger and more life sized.

      I wondered if I should even photograph her without her ears, but I think even with the ones I’ve ordered she wont look right. It’ll be an ongoing project for a long time I think.

      Saber Extra is actually a character doll produced by Volks, so you can just buy her that way. Horo being a custom means nothing is ever right lol

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