Trip ’round Lake Michigan

11 thoughts on “Trip ’round Lake Michigan”

  1. I always envy your trips. Such good photos and memories it seems… one day I will make such a trip… I hope. Work, loans, and family always seem to find a way to hinder me.

  2. Ooh you passed through my neighborhood! I was also in northern Wisconsin recently. Coincidences!

    Your spiel about Detroit was pretty spot-on in terms of what I expect from Detroit. Robocop gave a pretty accurate portrayal of the city, except the film had less crime than the real Detroit.

      1. On the map where you passed through Illinois, I’m about halfway in between I-294 and downtown Chicago (just off I-290). In fact that stretch you took through I-90 is the same stretch I take to work. I like to stop by Mitsuwa every once in a while to hit up their ramen stand!

        Also on the map where you went from Michigan’s UP to Wisconsin, my friends and I were staying just southwest of where you crossed the border. We were up there for the Fourth of July weekend so we wouldn’t have crossed paths, but we very likely saw the same sights!

      2. Nice! I was up there for Canada Day weekend, you were up there a week later for the American equivalent. THE place to go?! 😉

        I was told to hit up the ramen stand at Mitsuwas, but there was a line up and I was pressed for time.

      3. For sure, northern Wisconsin’s great because the population is so sparse. “Socially acceptable” isn’t a concern up there.

  3. Great read …. just bad timing on your vacation as I was down south -however- I might be coming your way next summer.

    1. It’s too bad that the timing just didn’t work out.

      The however sounds nice, though, as mentioned previously I wont babysit your kids 😉

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