Toronto Doll Meet: June ’13 – Toronto Island

This past Saturday I attended yet another Dollfie meet with the Toronto crowd. It was a smaller meet than the April meet was, but there was a guest from a good distance away, Otakusan. And so, we headed to Toronto Island for a pot luck picnic beside lake Ontario with downtown Toronto as our backdrop.

Due to the late arrival of some attendees I didn’t manage to capture all the dolls in attendance like I have in the past. Still not having a finished Dollfie yet myself, I brought along my usual e2046 knock-off Horo for a quick photo from the island as I’d wanted to do for quite some time. Due to the time of day and direction of the city and the location of the sun, I think we’d have been better served showing up early in the morning, though it would have been cloudier, never the less, here are the shots. You may notice I focused a lot on a particular doll… I couldn’t help it, she had a one-piece torso, it’s sooo nice.

The location (stupid shrub!)…


(Most of) The group…


Blue eyes!


Some individual shots…

toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-06 toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-07 toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-05 toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-08

Copping a feel…



Focusing (way) too much on one girl…


toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-11toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-13 toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-14toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-15 toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-16 toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-17toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-18 toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-19toronto-doll-meet-june-2013-20


Two girls!





Bird watching…


I hadn’t been to Toronto Island in years and years, it was really nice to get back and see it, even if it was only just a little portion of Ward island. Though I don’t think I’d ever been to where we were, I hadn’t seen that many cottages before, kind of a strange sight. Across the lake there’s Toronto, looking all city-like, turn around and all you see are cottages. I should have taken some photos of that. Overall another good meet, there was a bit of a downer though. Otakusan showed off his girl with a one-piece torso and now I feel obligated to buy one, which apparently go for something like $340. Uguu~ I’ll just have to keep Horo dressed.



  1. hamstercorp says:

    You’re going to do so many lewd things with your Horo once you finish her, aren’t you?

    It certainly makes for a compelling argument.

    • Aka says:

      I cannot (should not) confirm or deny that.

      • Rajura says:

        Too many dolls in one place… those things creep me out when there are so many.

        Oh and that is why you need a 1:1 dolfie…. but that would be insanely expensive, but it would be awesome to have my wolfu and wife to be able to share clothes!

        Well, still looking for the later at this time, so…

        • Aka says:

          They do make 1:1 scale dolls, and I don’t mean the sex ones. They aren’t actually that expensive when you compare them to Dollfies, and clothes become easier to come by because they’re normal sized.

          I don’t find them creepy at all anymore. Went to one meet and was pretty much sold, now I’ve gone to three meets.

  2. Otakusan says:

    Waha XD lots of nice pictures you got there Aka… 1 piece torso is very nice… must get one, Horo would look SOOOOO GOOOOOOD in one XD ufufuf

    • Aka says:

      You’re an evil man. She would look great in a one piece torso. I really must get one… Did I mention you were evil? 😛