Toronto Doll Meet 13.6: Toronto Island

6 thoughts on “Toronto Doll Meet 13.6: Toronto Island”

  1. You’re going to do so many lewd things with your Horo once you finish her, aren’t you?

    It certainly makes for a compelling argument.

      1. Too many dolls in one place… those things creep me out when there are so many.

        Oh and that is why you need a 1:1 dolfie…. but that would be insanely expensive, but it would be awesome to have my wolfu and wife to be able to share clothes!

        Well, still looking for the later at this time, so…

      2. They do make 1:1 scale dolls, and I don’t mean the sex ones. They aren’t actually that expensive when you compare them to Dollfies, and clothes become easier to come by because they’re normal sized.

        I don’t find them creepy at all anymore. Went to one meet and was pretty much sold, now I’ve gone to three meets.

  2. Waha XD lots of nice pictures you got there Aka… 1 piece torso is very nice… must get one, Horo would look SOOOOO GOOOOOOD in one XD ufufuf

    1. You’re an evil man. She would look great in a one piece torso. I really must get one… Did I mention you were evil? 😛

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