Quickie 3.143: Clevelands House

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada. The Monday being the holiday known officially as Victoria Day, though almost always referred to as May ‘two-four’ weekend. A double entendre referring both to the time in which the holiday approximately falls and the slang term ‘two-four’ which refers to a case of beer numbering twenty-four in quantity. I did not enjoy a two-four as I rarely drink, I did however ride over 1,000 km.

The ride was full of the kind of scenery you’d love to share with everyone, but can’t quite seem to capture. Hundreds of kilometers of sweeping curves through forests, wetlands, lakes… ok not through the lakes, but next to them. As such I took very few photos of the ride itself, and by the time I decided to try the mosquitos were out in force. So here’s the obligatory photo of my bike. Excuse: Mosquitos, I wasn’t paying attention to the photo so the bike is out of focus and the background in focus. Doh!


The roads I went down were fairly empty for the most part, perhaps because my long weekend started a day late compared to most of Canada. I had to work the Saturday, however I got Sunday-Tuesday off instead, so the Sunday the roads weren’t as busy as say, Saturday or Monday would have been. Here’s some more scenery, this time of a calm lake, I think this is Ox Narrows.


If you’ve made it this far, you might be wondering what Clevelands House is. Well, it’s a resort in Minett Ontario, near Port Carling in the municipality of Muskoka next to Lake Rosseau. Established in 1869 the place is almost as old as Canada itself, which was formed July 1st 1867 as the Dominion of Canada. I quite like the sound of that, Dominion of Canada, we almost sound evil, though I probably associate evil with dominion thanks to “The Dominion” from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. It’s almost as if everyone chose the names of their geographical jurisdictions to sound as impressive as possible. The United States of America, the Dominion of Canada, The British Empire which comprised of all these dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates and territories. But I digress. Clevelands House is old, it looks old, though not as old as it is, and well, needs a little work. At the end of the day however, it was a wonderful place to stay (for free~!) and relax after the long ride. I spent hours next to the lake just taking in the sunset while re-reading some pervy manga to the sounds of the water, birds, boats, insects, and the occasional passer by. It was the perfect evening.


These are the chairs I spent half my evening in when I wasn’t sitting out on the large dock.


The ride home was less eventful, boring roads, was trying to make time and avoid a thunderstorm. Avoided it successfully, but still I regret the boring roads I chose. All in all however it was a great weekend, cost me perhaps $35 in gas and $36 for breakfast for three, purchased breakfast for my sister who got me the free room, as well as her boyfriend, and of course myself. There aren’t a lot of trips you can go on that include 1,000 km that cost $71.  motorcycling.

One more photo of Horo.


And here’s the interesting part of the route. It doesn’t include getting there or getting home, just the part I enjoyed the most.



  1. Rajura says:


    You always make the best trips… and take the best pictures.

    Horo always looks so natural in your images!

    • Aka says:

      Thanks Rajura! I hope to be taking more in the future.

      I’m not usually one to toot my own horn, but I absolutely love how the header photo turned out. I’m using it on my G+ profile now as well, it just looks so good.