8″ Odyssey II by Jesse Luggage

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  1. Came across your post on Jesse luggage while doing some research on them. What do you think of them after a full season? regrets?

    Just got a 2012 Orange Wee and I’ve been looking at Jesse 8″ through Dual Sport. Planning a long trip to Santa Fe from Montreal this summer and would like some good luggage.

    1. Hi Albert,

      The short of it is, I’m super happy with them.

      I dropped the bike on a trip to Colorado on some loose dirt where the bike slide away from me. Some minor scuffing on the case, no damage beyond cosmetic. Because of that incident, when my bike blew over in the heavy 80 km/h wind recently and landed on a concrete curb, I wasn’t worried (though everyone else was). Sure enough, the bike landed on the right case and once again, only some slight cosmetic damage on the corner it fell on. So they’ve saved my bike twice (though I have crash bars too).

      I would definitely recommend them to anyone. But, they’re not waterproof. They’re pretty good, but I found water comes in around the mounting points inside the case. If when you assemble you use something like silicone to seal in and around the bolts, you’d probably be doing yourself a favour. I’ve yet to bother taking them apart though, I just pack with the slight amount of water that comes in in mind.

      I’ll also add, that particular rain I went through caused flooding in the surrounding area. It was definitely an extreme rain, so that could be part of it as well.

      At any rate, I’m really happy with them.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your candid info. After everything I’ve read, I will order a pair next week.

  2. Hi there, I have the same panniers. I just got them. I noticed that there was a crack in the outside paint a short while after using them once on a small trip. When I looked further into it it turned out that there was no weld on two little angled segments of each box. You could not see the missing weld from the outside unless you stuck your head down in the box or used a mirror. Sound familiar at all?

    Anyhow, i called Jesse and i am waiting for a reply. I was just searching around on the web for further information or reviews.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Abe,

      Doesn’t really sound familiar. Could you be more specific where the problem is, I can have a look at mine and see if they’re the same. Just not sure where I’m looking.

      At any rate, I haven’t seen any paint cracks in mine, even after the two drops.

      1. Al Jesse called me and said that it was welded on the outside and that someone had ground the weld too far. He is sending a replacement right side pannier.
        I can’t figure out how to add a pic from my phone. Anyhow, you would likely notice the issue early on if it was on your panniers. He said it was very uncommon.

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