Toronto Doll Meet: April ’13

Yesterday I attended my second dollfie meet in Toronto. We went to Manpuku in the downtown core, next to the Ontario College of Art & Design, and then ventured out into Grange Park. Rather, everyone else went to Manpaku, I showed up late and just went to the park as well as some after meet stuff. None the less, it was a good turn out, twice as many people and dolls as March’s meet at Café Princess.

Now, I didn’t bring my own doll to the meet unfortunately. It’s kind of a work in progress at the moment, I mean, I have the bulkiest part, I have a whole body! But, I’m missing a few key distinguishing features for Horo. For starters, she doesn’t have a head, not yet anyway. Nor does she have hair, or clothes, or a tail or ears, or even eyes. Just a naked. Headless. Body. As sexy as that may sound, Dollfies definitely look better dressed. Or, perhaps this is your thing…

NSFW Doll Nudity

It would seem to me that there were twice as many people who showed up this time, there were even twice the dolls. I’d already forgot from the previous meet just how much prep time is involved in setting up dolls, it’s even more when you’re trying to position so many into a single shot. Unfortunately I was kind of being too nice and letting everyone else take their proper centred group shots and ended up with some angled ones that aren’t evenly in focus or have all the dolls in a single shot. I did get a group shot with the fisheye, but I think it would have turned out better if I’d been a jerk and spent stupid amounts of time re-positioning all the dolls. What really surprised me however was that I was the only one who brought a tripod, and I arrived on a motorcycle! That’s how important I think a tripod is! Then again, I didn’t bring any dolls, whatever the case, I was happy to lend it out to everyone.

toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-01 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-02

I like some of the subtle things seen in this shot above. For example, the barefoot doll up front with light green hair, the ribbons around her ankles hiding her joints are a nice touch. Or the two-tone haired MDD patting the little blond up front on the head. Or the pink bunny girl on the left in the park bench holding hands. And harder to see still, the brunette at the back right (with a Saber Extra head) next to Sora with her right arm around Tohsaka Rin’s waist. Missing from the second shot is the piece of cut up sponge that was in the redheaded maids hand. Less subtle but also interesting was the girl with the cigarette, the only bad girl of the group. This doll was at the last meet as well, however either she’s been redone or the sunlight really works better for her skin colour. She had kind of  weird tone I thought prior with Café Princesses’ lighting.


Off to the side in the above images are these tiny little dolls (by comparison) sitting on a to scale park bench. I forgot to ask about them, I’m not sure who’s they were so I don’t really know anything about them. What I find most interesting about them is the variety of skin colours available. Unlike Dollfies which seem to generally have “Natural Skin” and “White Skin” generally (though there are others, tan and semi-white), these little guys come in at least 5 distinct varieties.


Breaking down the group some more we’ve got Nkei’s cute bunnygirls, Kotone and Kohane (with bunny eyes even!) Sitting on MrCool’s park bench. Their bunny ears are pretty extravagantly dressed as well. Sitting next to them is PlasticFantastic’s Ayanami Rei, who if you look in some of the shots gave a little extra for the camera. And standing next to them holding the pink bunnygirl’s (Kotone’s) hand is Meo’s Lucy.

toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-07 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-08 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-09 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-10 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-11 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-12 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-13

Next we have a mix of archangeli’s dolls, Tohsaka Rin in an apron and Sidonie d’Archangeli (Saber Extra head) in a maid outfit as well as Juu-Yuki’s Kasugano Sora custom, which I’d just assumed was a full set at the time rather than a custom, not realizing that Volks never made a Sora.

toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-14 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-15

Another of PlasticFantastic’s dolls, this time an MDD named Maya I believe, and with her is Di-chan’s two-tone MDD named Shana. I want a zipper that big on one of my jackets. Just below them is another of archangeli’s, Médée d’Archangli Tanu-chan’s MDD.

toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-16 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-17


CenturyStory brought Primula (Saber Alter) and placed her precariously on my tripod. A Saber Alter is what originally got me started into this hobby, she was just dressed as Horo. Though if you go way back, the first I ever wanted was Tohsaka Rin, but I don’t think that’s going to happen unless I win some kind of lottery or marry a sugarmama. Anyway, Primula was fun to shoot, even just thrown up against a pillar she was photogenic.

toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-18 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-19


toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-21 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-22

More of PlasticFantastic’s dolls, Rei and Asuka. As the afternoon passed, the harsh light of early afternoon went with it, I think the shots from later in the day turned out better. Though it could have been due to the shade and scenery vs the picnic table which was out in the hard sun.


toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-25 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-26 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-27

I don’t believe this next doll has a name yet but I think it’s one of Nkei’s. Really went well with the greenery.

toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-28 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-29


After much confusion by yours truly, wondering where this redhead came from it finally dawned on me that her clothes had been changed and she was the maid with the sponge earlier. These are both Di-chans, Natsuki and Shana. Bit of an argument, then some piggyback riding, and then their owner carrying them.

toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-31 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-32 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-33 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-34

Finally, we have my favourite of the day, archangeli’s Tohsaka Rin… with cat ears! All she needed was a tail and I would have stolen her and run off to my motorcycle.

toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-35 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-36 toronto-doll-meet-2013-april-37

After the main meet a bunch of us went out for dinner at Kenzos and had some ramen, and then we bought way too much candy at Sugar Mountain. And then much later I was at PlasticFantastic’s place and broke her remote control truck, running it into my own motorcycle kickstand, doh! Everything but that one part was indestructible and only my kickstand had the right layout to destroy that single component, I fail at RC cars. It is however repairable, so I don’t feel too incredibly bad about it. Yay user serviceable parts!

Still going to be a while yet before I can take my doll out to a meet, I pretend I’m a patient person but I don’t think I truly am. Until then, I must live vicariously through everyone else’s.


I kind of wish I’d taken those sewing lessons I’d turned down as a kid. That kind of skill would be really useful in this hobby…


  1. Quazacolt says:

    good luck on your doll journey, can’t wait to see horo completed 🙂