Toronto Doll Meet 13.3: I’ve become a father! No wait… I’m building mai waifu?

14 thoughts on “Toronto Doll Meet 13.3: I’ve become a father! No wait… I’m building mai waifu?”

  1. You’ve entered a world I am scared to do so. (How brave, like a retiring pope!)

    I mean, I like having money and all.

    1. Everyone’s been super nice and helpful. I don’t know what was so scary about it before hand. Probably really just the cost as you mention.

      … Though it’s not the most expensive thing I’ve purchased recently. But that’s for another post.

      1. I was thinking this is more the Ice Truck Killer’s hobby.

        But at least you plan on assembling the body parts so that’s good.

  2. For some reason, i more interested on that Miku poster on the last picture.
    Anyway, I wish your dol….. i mean waifu turns out beautiful.

    1. They kind of are like giant figma hands, they have bigger hands too. These are the standard, but they have large hands which are more to scale, but kinda look manly in proportion.

      I didn’t get ALL the hands though… Just many.

  3. grats on the doll parts…

    there’s no turning back now 😛

    ps: i’m eyeing on some seamless silicone skinned dolls myself… but at a full month of my salary (i can’t survive on oxygen alone unfortunately 😦 ) for JUST the body… sigh LOL

    1. Originally I wanted the silicone dolls, but turns out they’re not for me. The maintenance on them is more involved and their heads aren’t as good. So Dollfie it is.

      1. the heads can definitely be modified to fit, but yes as you said, maintenance can be a pain to keep the silicone from attracting dust/become sticky

        and of course costing 2-3 times more compared to normal dollfies is a problem by itself

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