Quickie 3.069: Short Ride

The weather was the best it’s been since January, so of course the bike wanted to stretch her legs.

Not really intending to go anywhere in particular or see anything of interest, I happened across a couple curious things. First, an interestingly named private road… A great many places were for sale on this road. I wonder why?


On the lake next to this private road were people snowmobiling, and wind boarding on the lake. Something I didn’t particularly think was the smartest of ideas, since the edges of the lake seemed quite slushy.

quickie-3-069-04 quickie-3-069-05

Lastly, while watching these folks slide along on the ice, I made a friend. And of course… she has a tail.



  1. Rajura says:

    Ummm… O.O

    Maybe a Buddhist lives on that street?

    Looks like it was a productive trip.

    • Aka says:

      I’m not sure… But lots of for sale signs…

      Yeah wasn’t bad, could have been more productive but meh.