Godoka arrives, and so does Char

This morning Mrs Mail Lady dropped off Good Smile Company’s “Godoka” figure in a rather large box. Measuring in at around 35 cm by 36 cm by 37 cm, Godoka is not a small girl. What Mrs Mail Lady didn’t tell me was that she’d put another figure in the mail boxes. Hours and hours later I finally bother to check the normal mail and lo and behold, Kotobukiya’s Char arrived as well.



  1. Iwasawafag says:

    I see new “Thank you for shopping with us”-paper!

    • Aka says:

      Indeed. I left it pretty much as if I’d just opened the box, though I tore the tissue paper off Madoka’s box to make it more obvious.

  2. Tenkaminari says:

    Wow, both of them are in my wish list.
    Hope to see nice pictures from you soon 😉

    I was shocked when I first saw Godoka’s box and feel lucky that I didn’t order one (although I was so tempted to) because I’m running out of space to keep TT^TT